VFT Mailbag: Another polite request for questions

In the last few weeks, Venus Fly Trap has answered some of Georgetown’s toughest questions about relationships. She’s tackled smelly roommates, virgin upperclassmen, and Georgetown’s endowment problem.

Don’t you think it’s about time to join in the fun?

Submit your anonymous questions in the submission form after the jump; VFT will be around these parts next week to dole out more advice.

The VFT Mailbag



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5 Comments on “VFT Mailbag: Another polite request for questions

  1. Hey VFT, some hot freshman I like is hanging out with a low-life trashy ethnic-type who I’m sure is selling drugs, which they often do to score hot blondes. I’m getting really annoyed. And my safety is at stake here too, because… eww, it’s gross if people like things different from me, or what I like, and to think that we would let this kind of thing happen in a community like Georgetown? Outrageous! So what’s my best strategy? Should I ask my dad, who is really powerful and important, to write Jack DeGioia a letter about this? Should I play up how much money I’ll be pulling in a few years from now when I get a douchetastic job in New York? To whom should I report a miscegenating doper?

    Izzo H.O.Y.A.

  2. I have to agree with um, the time of Izzo has past. It was a fun ride

  3. Maybe there is no mailbag because VFT is now horrible either because Vox got an impostor to fill the role or the editorial oversight of Vox/University administration has completely sanitized whatever fun was left in VFT?

  4. @izzo

    Damn that was a painfully terrible attempt at satire. I’d quit while you’re behind buddy.

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