Georgetown baseball player pursues rap career

Mike Seander, a graduate student on Georgetown’s baseball team, caught the attention of the Washington Post yesterday. Not for his on-the-field talents, though.

You see, Seander raps. (His rap name? Mike Stud.)

“It’s absurd,” Dan Capeless, his teammate, told the Post. “People are going nuts. DJs are screaming his name. Very outlandish.”

Once an all-American closer at Duke, Tommy John surgery sidelined Seander for most of his undergraduate years. To “pass the time,” according to his website, he began rapping and recording.

“[I was] literally in a closet in one of our apartments with a Mac computer and a hundred dollar mic,” he told the Post.

Before long, he was collaborating with Gerven, an R&B musician based out of Rhode Island—the same state where Seander won player of the year honors in 2006. Now, his tracks are popping up at bars around Georgetown, such as Rhino and Third Edition. Seander even had a track played during Midnight Madness.

“Mike Stud has consistently found a way to do things bigger and better than most,” his website claims.

Despite his growing success, Coach Pete Wilk doesn’t expect to review Seander’s tracks anytime soon.

“I think I’d rather clean my sock drawer,” he told the Post.

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  1. This dudes stuff is hilarious. Got a good sound too. Posner?

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