Comments of the Week: Harbin Vice

New developments (and another arrest) in Harbin Hall brought out the best and worst of comments this week. We’ll focus on the former.

Voice Managing Editor Molly Redden also walked to kindergarten—uphill both ways—in four feet of snow:

Call me old-fashioned, but I like my fire alarms audible.

Legend” spun a yarn:

I heard a story about a Harbinite that slept through the entire event. He called his friend at 11:00 am and asked if they could grab lunch at Leo’s. In the case of a fire, I’m not sure how much help the “[redundancies]” would have been.

How is a functioning fire alarm not included in tuition?

Student Financial Services” responded:

Fire alarm costs extra.

Bradford Cox” made a positive comment in the storm of DMT hate:

I’m so relieved to hear that Romano was released. John is an incredibly intelligent kid and it was pretty devastating to think that he may have been involved. I’m not sure what the state of John’s Georgetown future is but I’m happy to hear that he is an innocent, free man.

Freshman” restored some sanity:

Hey Alumna –

So we have a few kids who made some stupid choices. Please don’t lump the ENTIRE class of 2014 into 3 individuals.

A) So nobody from your class ever did anything stupid? Nobody drank underage, nobody did illegal drugs, nobody held illicit parties that gave alcohol to underage people, nobody ever had a party busted up by DPS, etc? I think I’d believe that when pigs fly.

B) There are still some of us “Class of 14″ers out here who are working hard to do well. Not all of us drink, not all of us do/manufacture drugs. I’d appreciate it greatly if you wouldn’t start throwing things such as the idea that we’re “ruining Georgetown’s name” – some of us are actually proud and happy to be here, and are showing it. Thanks.

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