EPA policy chief to resign, return to Georgetown Law

Lisa Heinzerling, the Environmental Protection Agency’s associate policy administrator, will step down at the end of the year and return her teaching position at Georgetown Law.

As one of the EPA’s strongest supporters of greenhouse gas regulation, Heinzerling previously worked as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson‘s senior attorney for climate policy. She is gained popularity in environmental circles after authoring the winning petitioners in Massachusetts v. EPA, the 2007 Supreme Court case that allowed Congress to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Heinzerling, who began working as a Georgetown University Law professor in 1993, took a two-year leave of absence to join the EPA in 2009. She previously served as the Assistant Attorney General of Massachusetts.

Photo: Georgetown Law

2 Comments on “EPA policy chief to resign, return to Georgetown Law

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  2. hsr061 – please, please tell me you are not a Georgetown student. Freshman dumb enough to manufacture drugs in a dorm or to perform in porn I can take. But if someone with your inability to write coherently and lack of knowledge was admitted, I’m giving up all hope for my alma mater.

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