University announces security changes following burglaries

The Department of Public Safety and the Metropolitan Police Department are stepping up their presence near Village A following the rash of burglaries over the past few weeks in the area.

In an email sent on Friday to Village A residents, Stephanie Lynch, director of Residence Life, and Joseph Smith, associate director of DPS, announced that more officers will patrol Village A during the overnight hours. In addition, DPS will increase its patrols of the perimeter of the apartment complex.

“New security observation posts will be staffed on Prospect Street and Library Walk,” wrote Lynch and Smith, who added that “enhanced lighting features” will also be installed in and around Village A.

According to multiple student reports, DPS officers have also begun to conduct “courtesy checks” in Village A. While walking through in the area at night, the patrolling officers allegedly asked the students to present their GOCards. Safety awareness posters that read, “See something? Say something!” have also appeared in Village A in recent days.

Beginning today, the two offices will also be joining together to offer safety consultations for each apartment if the residents choose to participate. At 9 p.m. tonight, DPS and Residence Life will hold another meeting in the Village A community room to elicit more feedback on their new efforts and answer any questions that residents may have regarding the issue.

In response to the burglaries, DPS will also monitor vehicles that enter campus at night through the Prospect Street and Canal Road entrances.

Lynch and Smith’s email:

Dear Village A Residents,

On November 2nd, members of the Residence Life staff and Department of Public Safety (DPS) hosted a community meeting to discuss the recent burglaries in Village A.  During the conversation, DPS and Residence Life shared information about additional security measures being taken and discussed the importance for community partnership.  We want to thank the many members of the Village A community for their participation and for their very thoughtful feedback and reflections.

We want to provide you with an update on the steps being taken to address safety issues, and make you aware of these efforts as they become more visible on campus.

1)The Department of Public Safety is working closely with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) regarding the on-going investigation of recent incidents and to enhance MPD presence in the areas adjacent to campus.

2)DPS is placing dedicated patrol officers in Village A during the overnight hours and has increased perimeter patrols of the area.  New security observation posts will be staffed on Prospect Street and Library Walk beginning this weekend.

3)Enhanced lighting features are being added in and around Village A.

4)Vehicular access to campus will be monitored from 10pm-7am at the Canal Road and Prospect Street entrances.

5)Beginning Monday, November 8th, 2010, the Department of Public Safety will begin offering Village A residents the opportunity to have a personal safety consultation.  We strongly encourage all apartments to sign up for this program.  DPS and Residence Life staff will meet with your apartment to discuss safety issues and perform a security check of your residence.  To sign up for this please email or call the Office of Student Affairs at (202) 687-4056.

As a reminder, students are asked to close and lock their doors at all times, secure windows and report any concerns about lighting or facilities issues in your apartment to Facilities Management on-line at

DPS and Residence Life staff will be available to meet with you again on Monday, November 8 at 9pm in the Village A community room to get your feedback on these efforts and hear any continued concerns or questions.  Thank you for your on-going cooperation and partnership as we work together to address these issues.


Stephanie Lynch
Director, Residence Life

Joseph Smith
Associate Director, Department of Public Safety

Photo: Jackson Perry

13 Comments on “University announces security changes following burglaries

  1. Typical Voice, making fun of DPS officers who can’t speal “elicit”. So classist.

  2. It’s classist to ask for proper spelling on large signage at a top-25 university?

    Anyway, I give it 15 minutes before those safety awareness posters are stolen.

  3. Hey Georgetown, are we getting our money’s worth out of DPS? Do we feel safer with DPS or with more numerous, more cost-effective night-watchman like Wackenhut or Allied Security? Did thieves take advantage of the freshman witch hunt to steal our laptops while DPS was debriefing snitches?

    Izzo H.O.Y.A. demands to know what the University did while Harbin Hall was shut down. Did Georgetown turn the Leavey Center into some kind of a FEMA camp for Harbinites as a pretext just to target the notorious Kelly B.? Or, did the University really search all of Harbin? Was Kelly B. targeted because of her adult films? If so, does that implicate sexism or misogyny? Outrageous!

    If the notorious Kelly B. was not targeted in a misogynistic plot, what befell her fellow drug addicts in Harbin? Hey Georgetown, let’s stop snitching. @Antoine Dodson, Izzo H.O.Y.A. responds: Hide your kids, hide your wife, indeed. Cuz’ they’re informin’ on everybody out there.

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  5. I’m confused. Where is this spelling error everyone is referencing?

  6. Asking to see our IDs? While I presume that Georgetown has the authority to do that as a private institution, it still reeks of airport security: lots of bells and whistles, no real substance.

  7. Pumphouse Wednesdays! tOmOrRoW we’re gonna shock the top off this place!!!! Let’s get wasted!!! WOOOO

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