Georgetown Law students grow mustaches, raise money

November reminds us of three things: Pumpkin pie, turkey, and mustaches. Luckily, we’re not the only ones.

A group of Georgetown Law students recently launched Georgetown Facial Challenge, a website that will monitor their participation in Movember, a month of mustache-growing and raising funds for prostate cancer research.

Steve Winstanley (LAW ’12), a member of the group, will even update his facial hair progress over at Georgetown Patch.

“I’m doing this for family. When cancer hits close to home, you strike back with a sexy mo,” Winstanley, a Vancouver native, wrote on his Movember profile.

According to their website, the group of law students raised $1,580 last year. This time around, they’ve set their sights on a more ambitious, $10,000 goal. They encourage all students—not just the mustache-inclined—to join their team and help raise money.

Photo: Steve Winstanley (via Patch)

12 Comments on “Georgetown Law students grow mustaches, raise money

  1. I’d do anything to raise money if I went to a TTT law school where only 15% get biglaw. At least the 900 person class can raise a lot? Right?

  2. ^ So we’re connecting here from xoxohth now? Or is it GW?

  3. to latham to all and to all a good night. hugs and kisses; i sincerely hope that helps

  4. GULCers bashing their peers GW while the rest of the T14 (even BoalTTT and Cornell) laughs at them is tcr. Should’ve taken the LSAT and gone to a real school instead of early assurance, brah.

  5. @Chris, I know, right?

    It feels like I’m reading Above the Law!

  6. Was this mentioned on Above the Law or something?

    The trollers at ATL/Autoadmit make our regular Vox trollers pale in comparison with their astounding lack of insight and one-minded focus on bashing schools and legal professions they aren’t capable of attaining. Eesh.

  7. The correct response. A couple more of those on the LSAT = evading TTTs like GULC.

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