GUSA Roundup: Fight for your right … to study in MSB

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate took a break from SAFE reform on Sunday to take aim at a different scourge—undergraduate access to the McDonough School of Business’s Hariri building.

Senator Nathaniel Tisa (SFS ’14), with the co-sponsorship of the GUSA Senate’s Academic Affairs Committee, introduced a bill that encouraged open access to Hariri’s lounges and lobbies for the general undergraduate body.

Currently, only MSB students can access the building after 10 p.m. According to Tisa, the limited accessibility was meant to secure expensive equipment that business school students use, such as Bloomberg machines.

“It doesn’t make sense that the whole building is shut down,” he said.

The bill, which was unanimously passed by senators present at the meeting, acknowledges that certain facilities and computer terminals should remain reserved for business school undergraduates and graduate students. However, it also calls for the removal of main lobby restrictions “to allow students from any school to access the building according to designated security problems.”

Senators at the meeting also acknowledged that open access to the building would solve some of the study space problems on campus during midterms and finals.

According to Senator Ben Bold (COL ’13), access to the MSB building is directly controlled by the MSB Graduate School’s Dean’s Office; Bold advised that senators who take up this initiative to go directly to that outlet.

“All students, regardless if MSB or not, should be able to get into any campus building in case of an emergency, especially if other students have access already during certain nighttime hours,” Senator Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) wrote in an email.

Mogil added that Senator Sandy Glassberg (MSB ’14)—the only GUSA Senator in the MSB—also endorsed the bill.

At the meeting, the Senate also nominated Cody Michael Cowan (SFS ’14) to the GUSA Fund. With Cowan’s appointment as the fifth member of the GUSA Fund, the board will now be able to make appropriations.

22 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: Fight for your right … to study in MSB

  1. The MSB has Bloomberg terminals?! No wonder the rest of Gtown is broke

  2. Thanks for giving us the run down on (useless) GUSA meetings. I’d rather perform hari kari than attend one of those things.

  3. …we could just ban MSB students from studying anywhere BUT the new MSB building….hold on a sec… MSB kids study?

  4. If we truly want to make progress on this campus, we should collapse the MSB building on top of GUSA and replace it with a vegetable patch. This will improve our campus sustainability and greatly increase the quality of both Leo’s meals and student government.

  5. Wasted Wednesday tomorrow! Cheap drinks, cool guys, hot chicks! I’ll you you all at the Pumphouse!!!!!!

  6. This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s the only building on campus designated for a single school and should be used by the people of that school. If college or SFS students want to use a nice building they should transfer to the only school that has alumni that make enough money to donate one.

  7. asgfdhf sadfkhjdsfjklsf wawa sajdkfhlkajshflkjshdfkjshdf wawa askjsdlkjfds;f

  8. 1. MSB privately paid for an operated 2. GUSA is a waste of oxygen 3. There is that hell-hole called Lau.

    Can’t wait for the MSB ballerz to require access swipes all the time.

    YAY, GUSA introduces another moot resolution.

  9. I never thought I’d see an MSB student pointing out that, indeed, not all schools are equal, and yet, here we are…

  10. It’s just a security issue for the doors- in case of an emergency students should be able to get in. The MSB is still the only school that can reserve those fancy rooms or even use the computers or printers!

  11. GUSA is a waste of space… this “bill” will never get passed, because the MSB basically operates independently from the rest of the school… good luck taking this super serious matter to Daly…

  12. Fine. If the Hariri Building should only be used for MSB students then Lauinger should only be used by College + SFS + Nursing. Maybe I can study special relativity at my normal spot on Lau 2 then instead of moving because a bunch of MSB students spend all night complaining about how difficult marketing and accounting is instead of ACTUALLY STUDYING FOR THEM!

  13. Translation of @Not All Schools are Equal: COL, SFS, NHS are full of filthy mudbloods

  14. Oh yeah, that’s right. Your alum are off making all of that money in the institutions that pulled our nation into a near-crippling recession. Thanks, Wall Street. I’ll take Lauinger and a conscience over your inflated egos and group project BS any day.

  15. @Not all schools are equal

    Wow, you just scream pretentiousness. I’m glad you know you’re so much better than us because people from your school make more money than those of us in the College. And I’m glad you take so much pride in an empty building at night solely because of the fact that we destitute paupers are not allowed inside.

  16. First, the building was paid for by MSB alumni. If other schools would like a new building, I recommend you ask your alumni for donations. Second, MBA and MSB students have different needs, just like Med students have different needs than others students. If you feel your school is not providing you with what you need, I recommend asking your school for it rather than trying to poach it from other. Third, the common areas in MSB are already open for university use during the day, but the rooms (paid for by MSB donations, as the plaques on them say) are reserved for MSB students. Fourth, rather than trying to get access to the nice MSB building, why don’t you go complain to the university why giant areas of the Leavy center are locked and unused. Why is that space near Cosi sitting locked up and the windows papered over.

    The building is locked to secure it, and protect the property inside. Half the buildings on campus are in bad shape, maybe if the university paid better attention to them like MSB is with its building, they wouldn’t be falling apart. All in all, the building was paid for by MSB, and it is open to non-MSB students during the day. Just like Yates is closed at time, MSB is closed at time. It is not the only building locked on campus, so check your facts.

    If you want to throw safety into the mix, then you are making a moot point. What stops someone from following you into the building if it is unlocked. If safety is really the issue, then we need more call boxes at the entrances and around the building. Otherwise, MSB reserved areas are for MSB students.

  17. I fail to see how anything you say justifies why the building is closed specifically to non-MSB students after 10 o’clock, specifically. You justify closing buildings after a certain time, but you don’t justify closing this building to a specific group of students.

  18. If security was a conern why aren’t all students allowed to enter any dorm building after 10? All students can swipe into a dorm building before 10 but not after.
    One might argue because dorm buildings allow access only to the people who live there after a certain hour. Well the same goes for the Hariri building, it only allows access to students in MSB after a certain hour. If security was a concern then all buildings that allow student access to a certain groups of people after 10 should start allowing the entire student body access after 10.

  19. The difference being, of course, that a person being in a dorm after 10pm needs to have a purpose to be there, and can’t without it (i.e., being signed in), while people who live there obviously already have a reason. But everyone has the same reason to be in Rafiki late at night: to study. And there is plenty of space to accommodate everyone.

    And, btw, everyone CAN get through the front door of every dorm after 10pm for security reasons, even if they don’t live there. And for good reason.

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