Georgetowner shows you how to stalk famous old people

Ever wonder where Nancy Pelosi lives when she’s in D.C.? How about Politico owner Robert Allbritton? Neither did we.

Earlier this month, the Georgetowner magazine released it’s annual “Who lives here?” guide to Georgetown’s most notable residents. The map details the locations of the neighborhood’s famous residents, such as Senator John Kerry, Fox News‘s Brit Hume, and the Washington Post‘s Bob Woodward.

We only learned one thing from this map: The Georgetowner is terribly pretentious. (But, we’ll still keep our fingers crossed that Maureen Dowd will complain about the 2010 campus plan.)

9 Comments on “Georgetowner shows you how to stalk famous old people

  1. If Kerry, Hume, and Woodward are the stars in our little corner of the fame galaxy it appears we’ve already been sucked through the event horizon and torn to shreds in the Black Hole. The only true star in DC (other than Obama) is author and famous atheist Christopher Hitchens.

  2. @Beltway Greg

    No. The only true DC stars are Ian Mckay, Dave Grohl, and the guys in the Thievery Corporation. Oh, and those Georgetown Cupcake people. And Dave Chapelle and Martin Lawrence (but they don’t live here anymore, so they don’t count). No one anywhere else cares about Mark Ein, Anthony Lanier, or “Isabel Ernst”, who is, as far as I can tell, notable for owning a big house.

  3. I bet Maureen Dowd is stealing the laptops from Village A

  4. Does anyone else agree that Maureen Dowd needs to update her picture on

  5. Cast of Characters
    Barack “Shalakin” Obama – POTUS
    Maureen Dowd – Laptop thief extraordinaire
    Bob Woodward – All around awesome guy, sleuth and (anti)establishment journalist

    On Tuesday, November 6, 2008, two days after he was elected president of the United States, Senator Barack Obama arranged to meet in Chicago with Maureen Dowd, known as the Georgetown laptop thief.

    Dowd, 58, was a columnist for some New York tabloid. After suffering through a Republic administration for several years, she had begun to lose hope until finding a new purpose for living when, in 2007 during Final 4 revelries, she snuck into a Georgetown dorm room and snatched a Mac, some weed and a two week old copy of The Economist. Eager to meet the new president, she was none the less unimpressed by his relative inexperience in sneaking into coeds’ bedrooms and steeling shit. “He was a newbie, basically, but I knew from our first meeting that he had the capacity to Change, and I Hoped he would do just that,” she told me. Dowd was right… (Start a story….pass it on).

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