Flirting website makes F2F interaction even less necessary

Ever wish you could flirt without doing that whole “talking” thing? You might want to try Like a Little.

The site, which launched last month, calls itself a “flirting-facilitator platform.” Each flirt includes a location, description, and anonymous message for a person’s crush.

“The site’s purpose is to allow you to compliment and chat about your crushes around you or otherwise bemoan your missed encounters from the safety of your trusty screen,” Evan Reas, founder and Stanford graduate, wrote.

Like a Little has already expanded from Stanford to Syracuse, Notre Dame, Yale, and Georgetown. And just because it’s Friday, here are some of our favorite posts.

  • At ICC: Female, Brunette. victory now, Georgetown forever? My victory will last forever if I get you cutie
  • At Walsh 396: Male, Brunette. How sinful of me, but I can’t stop staring at you and your epic hipster outfits in Problem of God. You never speak but that’s ok because I’d want you to be silent while I make love to your lips anywayyy
  • At McDonough: Female, Brunette. I saw you walking with one crutch leaving the trainer. You can lean on me any day ;)
    At Philodemic: Male, Brunette. Your ideas about the South were a little off.. Let me help you see what down south really means.
  • At Leavey: Male, Brunette. I see you in the Subway line. Let’s head to Burger King instead and you can have it your way ;)

13 Comments on “Flirting website makes F2F interaction even less necessary

  1. This website would be significantly better if two things:

    1) Actual filters
    2) Less posts per day

    Scrolling through 100’s of posts pertaining to just one day ruins the experience. The site will become just ~25 people posting and commenting all time at this rate, rather than something that can be casually perused and enjoyed by the general pop.

  2. while i understand where ‘okay’ is coming from, i politely disagree. i think as people discover the site they are posting a lot or making things up to make their friends laugh. however, in a few days as the site becomes even more established the number of posts will plateau at a much more reasonable level.
    finally, filters on the site would create a lot more work for the admins, as well as diminishing the fun for the poster. if their comment might not make it on the site, what’s the point?
    –lal fan.

  3. Filter not as in having the admins review each post, but as in filtering posts so that you can view it just by category (like Lau, or Males, or Blondes, etc.)

  4. I’m so over that site…they deleted my ode to Chicken Madness.

  5. they have filters for the other schools that have had lal for longer. I assume gtown will have them soon

  6. that kind of makes sense to me, js. why were you flirting with a chicken madness anyway?

  7. This site has made my procrastinating life at least 20x better. It’s so hilarious. And if you don’t like it, don’t check it.

  8. This is possibly one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. We’ve gone from Shakespeare’s balcony scene to “hey strange, u r cute lol!”

  9. the idea that language “degrades” over time is a fallacy. We may talk differently now, but the meaning stays more or less the same. Romeo and Juliet were basically saying “u r cute” with flowery words. Also I’m sure 16th century Italians spoke in iambic pentameter.

  10. THe pumphouse was graet!! Shoutoutss to all my new friend s: Sully, Cube, misty gurl! ! I <3 U GUYSSSS! Monday Funday tomorrow at the pumphous! WHo's gonna be ther? Just piked up my JOck jams cd.. pregame at my plaec!!!! you knoww where to find me! ;-*

  11. Linguistics – very true…except if you’re French! Then the greatest evil which can befall your language is modern change!

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