Comments of the Week: iDontLockMyDoor

Blue Ribbon” is hot on the missing laptop trail:

I’m imagining some nefarious freshman with a huge stack of laptops in his/her Harbin room, wondering what the hell to do with them.
Be warned: craigslist is prone to sting operations.

MSB2011” accused a certain New York Times columnist who lives in Georgetown:

I bet Maureen Dowd is stealing the laptops from Village A

Bob Woodward” elaborates on the scandal:

Cast of Characters
Barack “Shalakin” Obama – POTUS
Maureen Dowd – Laptop thief extraordinaire
Bob Woodward – All around awesome guy, sleuth and (anti)establishment journalist

On Tuesday, November 6, 2008, two days after he was elected president of the United States, Senator Barack Obama arranged to meet in Chicago with Maureen Dowd, known as the Georgetown laptop thief.

Dowd, 58, was a columnist for some New York tabloid. After suffering through a Republic administration for several years, she had begun to lose hope until finding a new purpose for living when, in 2007 during Final 4 revelries, she snuck into a Georgetown dorm room and snatched a Mac, some weed and a two week old copy of The Economist. Eager to meet the new president, she was none the less unimpressed by his relative inexperience in sneaking into coeds’ bedrooms and steeling shit. “He was a newbie, basically, but I knew from our first meeting that he had the capacity to Change, and I Hoped he would do just that,” she told me. Dowd was right… (Start a story….pass it on).

Renta Cop” is the hero Village A deserves:

I guess it sounds like the paper signs in village A are making things safer on campus. Back to the bat cave…

Pete Tentious” summarizes a video about SFS students:

What an SFS Student thinks their career will be like: A James Bond movie
What an SFS Student’s career will actually be like: A Dilbert Comic

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  1. This post was like the first time I kissed a girl: exciting, perfect, and I don’t want to wait so long for another

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