Public Safety Alert: Darnall dorm room burgled while student naps

On Wednesday afternoon, a student’s laptop was stolen from his Darnall dorm as he slept. Since Sunday, seven laptop thefts have occurred on campus.

According to a public safety alert, the student left a door “unsecured,” which allowed an unknown suspect to enter the room and steal the laptop. There were no signs of forced entry.

14 on-campus laptop thefts have been reported to the Department of Public Safety this month; a total of 27 have been reported this semester. Three other laptop thefts were reported in University-owned buildings on Wisconsin Avenue, while another theft occurred on the 1400 block of 37th Street in September.

10 Comments on “Public Safety Alert: Darnall dorm room burgled while student naps

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  2. At what point does your average GU student finally figure out that locking the door is a good idea?


  4. I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence…

  5. @Temple of the Dog:
    I agree. I am so rich, my laptop should be stolen! That makes sense.

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