The Week in Photos: Rangila!

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Photos: Matthew Funk (slides 1-3), Julianne Deno (slides 4-5), and Jackson Perry (slides 6-8)

5 Comments on “The Week in Photos: Rangila!

  1. Broken post?? Can’t see photos…. NEED.. RANGILA….HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Colerton

    Sorry about that—the web app we use to build the photo galleries is having a bit of trouble. Try reloading the page.

  3. Great pictures! And the expression on the La Salle player’s face in #5 is priceless.

  4. awesome. two photos of girls playing with balls, three pictures of minorities, and one of a team that actually benefits georgetown’s endowment, recruitment, and pride. well done, voice.

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