Bedbugs found at George Washington dorm

George Washington University finally beat Georgetown. At getting infested with bedbugs.

Five residence halls on GW’s campus have reported infestations this semester, resulting in six confirmed cases of an infestation. According to the GW Hatchet, four of these cases have been fully treated, with the remaining two will be treated within the next week. At least two dozen bed bug infestations have been reported at GW in the last three years.

In September, a Georgetown University-owned townhouse was treated for a bedbug infestation. So, maybe it took us three years to finally catch on to the trend. We had no idea our neighbor school was such a trailblazer!

What’s next, GW? Norovirus? Beat ya.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

h/t GW Hatchet

One Comment on “Bedbugs found at George Washington dorm

  1. Bed Bugs in schools?! omg. that’s no good. please get that taken care of. try these guys out, I’ve used them for my office buildings and they’re really good and very professional. And they’re non-toxic so it’s safe for the kids.

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