Comments of the Week: We need more Loko, less thievery

Senator Amidala” bemoaned the Revenge of the FDA:

So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause.

Student” supported vigilante justice to stop Georgetown’s laptop thieves:

Solution? Start booby-trapping backpacks and laptops. Leave a few around . . . they’ll be stolen in short order. Boom.

Moose” won’t be snitching any time soon:

Whoa. It seems burleithers can make witnesses “disappear”

We imagine “Tim” wrote this comment while being chased down Prospect Street:


Christopher Columbus” appreciated President John DeGioia‘s voyage to the far east:

Just as long as Signore DeGioia brings back with him many fascinating and delicious spices from his sojourn to the Indies. It is heartening to see him traveling the world, looking for ways to improve the food at Leo’s.

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