Three men attempt to abduct student at 34th and Prospect

Early Sunday morning, three unknown men attempted to abduct a student near the corner of 34th Street and Prospect Street.

According to a public safety alert, the men approached the student at approximately 2:15 a.m. and attempted to talk to him. One of the suspects grabbed the student’s arm, then pulled him towards a black SUV parked near the intersection. After a Metropolian Police Department police car appeared, the suspects released the student and fled.

“The three suspects are described as Hispanic males wearing black clothing,” the alert added. “One of the suspects wore his hair in a ponytail.”

29 Comments on “Three men attempt to abduct student at 34th and Prospect

  1. That’s really odd…how often do abductors target young males? Was this gang related? Was the victim part of a famous and/or rich family? A revenge plot gone wrong? Very disturbing yet intriguing. Keep us updated Vox!

  2. Sounds like a half-baked attempt by some immigrants to make a quick buck. Land of opportunity, right? I shudder to think what would happen if the police car weren’t there.

  3. Immigrants? For all we know, they were born and raised in Montgomery County, or Arlington, or NW DC, or SE DC, or somewhere in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure if you noticed, Adam, but there are American-born and bred Hispanics pretty much everywhere now, most of whom do not try to kidnap Georgetown students or anyone else.

    As for this story, when is Georgetown going to take security seriously? I know that 34th and Prospect is off campus, so this isn’t directly linked to the University’s impotence in the face of violence, thefts, and vandalism. But I do think that the University’s continued inability to deal with ANY sort of security problem turns Georgetown—the campus and the neighborhood—into a pond full of sitting ducks (i.e., students). Maybe if we devoted the resources to police within our own gates, in LXR, and throughout the University-owned properties, there would be less incentive for thugs, thieves, and now kidnappers to raid campus.

    But no. We will cower to the neighbors, as always, and agree to pay a “Burleith RA” and weekend party-busting squad of police officers. Super.

  4. This is just plain scary. Security is clearly a problem and things just seem to be getting worse. Many girls don’t walk around alone at night in fear of something like this happening. But its clear that this shouldn’t be a fear for just one sex. A guy was almost abducted…..3 blocks away from campus. I didn’t feel safe before as a georgetown student and now… feeling of safety has decreased immensely.

  5. More officers, now! Let’s put our extra GUSA dollars to policing instead of club money.

  6. SNAPs needs to stop focusing on breaking up parties and spend more time on the safety of students.

  7. more abductions -> less students to be having parties
    that’d be going against SNAP’s mission

  8. It was simply one of Alvaro Uribe’s death squads looking to take away the head of the campus protesters. They almost picked up the wrong guy but quickly realized their mistake. Nothing to worry about here, folks.

  9. Until Georgetown PROVES to me that they are doing everything possible to keep my fellow Hoyas safe, they aren’t getting a single dime from me. That’s a promise.

  10. Let’s recap. GU pays to have MPD patrol the neighborhood. A student is grabbed on the street and released when an MPD squad car drives by. This squad car may very well have been occupied by the patrol officer paid for by GU. Is this not GU spending money and helping keep the surrounding neighborhood safer?

  11. Methinks me smells a rat. This story is a little too clean. It makes no sense on about ten different levels.

  12. You know, if there were more loud house parties with students spilling into the streets at 2:00 am this kind of thing would not happen. Attempted abductions generally don’t happen where there are a lot of people around. Just something for the GCA to consider.

  13. I am going to get hate for this, rightfully, but I don’t think I error in saying the problem is not just the quantity of officers, but where and how they spend there shift. Outside of breaking up parties (we can argue about whether this is worth while or not) …. There is often a cluster of 4 or 5 right outside Lau, and Go card checks shouldn’t take a whole swat team.
    I know nothing about security, so there may be legitimate reasons for the officer cluster or sending the fifth infantry through Lau, but I can not help think officers could be more active and cover more ground.

    I say this as someone who will never have to do a day of tiring often dreary work like campus security. Instead Ill make BS powerpoints for strategic management approaches and more money than I deserve. So yes, I feel like a D.

  14. oh and my Name– really nice work! hooray for MDP. en serio dogs.

  15. Agreed, Beltway Greg. At the very least–how do we know this dude wasn’t just being mugged, instead of abducted?

  16. Did it ever occur to any of you that if you were not out on the streets at 2:15 AM, you’d probably BE safe in the residence halls? At what point in your lives do you become responsible for what happens to you? The University should do more to protect you from …. youselves? Is that what you’re saying?

  17. @Adult Student-

    That student wasn’t almost abducted because he was out at 2:15. That student was almost abducted because SOMEONE TRIED TO ABDUCT HIM. Please place the blame on the right people. It’s really infuriating when people are doing relatively simply things – like walking home – and someone says THAT’S what caused problems. Granted, we don’t know where he was walking or why. I don’t think that’s relevant, though – the kid wasn’t breaking the law or doing something morally wrong. As far as we know, he was just walking. Someone tried to abduct him, not the other way around. Please don’t blame him for someone else’s actions.

  18. I’m not sure what else the university could do in this instance, other than lock people up in their homes. Isn’t the university paying for MPD presence in the neighborhood? Wasn’t it this MPD presence that stopped the “abduction” from happening? It seems to me that the biggest problem is that MPD isn’t doing its share and increasing patrols in the neighborhood.

  19. I’m glad I found out about this three days later so I could take the proper precautions to protect myself right when these people were probably still in the neighborhood.

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  21. how do we jump to abduction??? maybe they were just trying to pull him close to the car to rob him? if you think about it, it would have been easier to control and conceal what they were doing near their car vs in the middle of the sidewalk.

  22. There should be a town-hall forum on this incident, and rally’s at Red Square protesting the mishandling of safety for students. Considering how many laptops have been stolen recently, it seems that “stepping up patrols” only means more frequent visits by SNAPS to appease neighbors. Students live at Georgetown too, you know.

  23. I went to school in the Bronx last year, and we got about 1/3 of the number of alerts that I am getting now that I am here. Hmm…

  24. i posted this on another thread about laptop theft, but it definitely applies here too….

    “Obviously it is wise to lock your door… that’s not the point. The point is that the system is broken. I can understand a laptop stolen here and there, particularly when it is accidentally left behind for extended periods of time and then gone forever when the person comes back. That is the extent of theft at 99% of other schools. Why are we in the 1% with dozens of laptops stolen per week, strong arm robberies in one of the most populated and well-lit places in campus, attempted kidnapping, and dozens of assaults and strong arm robberies in the SAME PLACE (VIllage A) for weeks? And yet, NOBODY has been caught. Sounds beyond fishy to me. Not to mention, we are in the safest neighborhood in D.C.

    It is baffling, and you have to look at all the possible answers. Is there possible organized crime operating within our university? Are these robberies an inside job by DPS? Why is it that no thief has been caught, and why is it that they wait 24 hours to send out warning e-mails? The crime rate within the university is magnitudes higher than even a block outside of campus, and magnitudes higher than comparable universities as well. The fact that not a single criminal has been apprehended, and the only thing stopping the kidnapping from happening was a METRO PD officer, it is clear that the numbers simply do not add up. I’m sure that if you ran statistical testing, it would be increasingly clear that something very strange is happening within our university

    There comes a point where you stop being drones to the system and begin to look for answers. It’s a scary thought that people who you pay to protect you may in fact be the greatest threat to your safety.”

  25. and i think it is only a matter of time before students try taking these matters into their own hands because of the complete incompetence and possible corruption within DPS and SNAPS

    i know of some students trying to lift georgetown’s ban on student handgun possession for properly licensed students.. their arguments actually make a lot of sense: college students are the easiest target for these criminals because they are the only members of society that are not permitted to carry… you can be guaranteed that potential kidnappers would think twice about grabbing you off the street and holding you for ransom if they thought they might be leaving the scene with a few 9mm souvenirs

    in all honesty, though, i think (and i’m sure the majority of the student body agrees) that the university needs to do something immediately before things start to turn very ugly

  26. I also have to agree here that the story is a little fishy. I mean, I feel like either this is one very atypical incident or it’s the product of one drunk student overreacting/misinterpreting a typical late saturday night drunken street interaction. Abduction? Just can’t imagine it going down like this. Would like the real scoop and in the words of John Joseph,
    “You’ve seen the proof
    This ain’t no spoof
    They tried to bend the truth
    Cause no matter how you choose
    You know you’ll lose
    If you ain’t looking for the truth”

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