DPS responds to attempted abduction with more patrols

The Department of Public Safety has increased East Campus patrols after a student was almost abducted early on Sunday morning.

“We are stepping up patrols of the East campus area in search of the suspects,” Joseph Smith, associate director of DPS, wrote in an email. “I think this case demonstrates how important it is to walk in groups or pair whenever possible and to report suspicious activity to the police.”

DPS has also contacted local colleges to determine if any similar incidents have occurred on other campuses.

“To my knowledge, nothing of this sort has occurred in recent years within the campus vicinity,” Smith wrote.

DPS and the Metropolitan Police Department are conducting an ongoing investigation into the crime.

8 Comments on “DPS responds to attempted abduction with more patrols

  1. If you count the number of “stepped up patrols” that DPS claims to do each time there has been a crime, there would currently be a DPS officer texting on his iphone on every street corner near the campus. Maybe we can get clarification how patrols have changed over the last 6 months in response to crime… bc the crime has seemingly increased.

  2. Yes. It’s time to arm our totally ineffective security force with deadly weapons. That should do it.

  3. I would truly love to pass this on to my readers.
    If only I knew WHICH East Campus in the Country this occurred. Or perhaps, WHICH Metropolitan Police Department.. or which DPS.

    This is a world wide internet. I constantly come across articles such as this, that I would love to pass on to my followers.. but am unable to give the warning provided, due to a lack of information.

  4. Really? the website is GEORGETOWNvoice.com and the header notes that this blog is GEORGETOWN’s blog of record. Come now.

  5. Burlieth will have to go get its own criminals, Georgetown isn’t going to share theirs.

  6. does this mean our very own men in blue will have less time to listen to watch you tube videos in Sellinger? dang.

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