Shocking news! Georgetown residents still hate student parties

The Georgetown forum, our favorite window into residents’ minds, is well-known for its diatribes against cat killers, newspaper thieves, and Republicans. But last weekend, it turned its critical eye towards the worst criminals of all: partying college students.

Robert Laycock, Citizens’ Association of Georgetown treasurer, got things started by complaining about an O Street party with “a couple of hundred very drunk and/or high kids.” Let’s break out the blockquote for the rest:

I called 911 around 11:30. The police arrive promptly and dispersed the crowd.  The partygoers only walked a few hundred feet away, waited until the police were gone and then returned to the party house and make even more noise. I called 911 again, and again the police arrived promptly along with two GU police cars. The crowd continued to make noise as they left O street. They also harassed one neighbor who was walking her puppy threatening to defecate on her front stoop. There were drug deals going on the sidewalk, people were urinating and getting sick on the sidewalk.

After reading Laycock’s post, 36th Street resident Michelle Galler jumped in:

[T]hese parties happen EVERY WEEKEND!!, varying only slightly by levels of intensity. Nonetheless, they are always loud, unruly, full of drunken students who terrorize the neighborhood with their inebriated behavior, which includes vandalism and use of profanity against the neighbors. And, the University still seems to take no real punitive action against their students who engage in this constant assault on the neighborhood!!!!

Then, Annie Montemayor, another 36th Street resident, decided to add “her two cents worth”:

[E]veryone knows about these student loud out of control parties. We have had it all from faux student weddings complete with a rock band to keg parties with admission fees to dangerous unattended bonfire parties … I can recite to you by chapter and verse trespassing incidents, vandalism done to us and property. None has ever been resolved to our satisfaction. A RESOUNDING NO TO THE 2010 CAMPUS PLAN.

Nothing warms our heart like old fashioned neighborhood relationships. Thanks, Georgetown forum!

21 Comments on “Shocking news! Georgetown residents still hate student parties

  1. The neighbors get a lot of things wrong (oh hi, countless misconceptions about the impact of the Campus Plan) and they’re deluded if they think living in 20057 won’t entail being surrounded by college parties, but the student body would have a much stronger case against them if it weren’t for the idiotic students who directly interact with the neighbors, pulling stunts like threatening to poop on a neighbor’s stoop while they’re walking their puppy. I’m not so sure about those streetcorner drug deals or unattended bonfires, but cursing out the neighbors and generally being an asshole isn’t going to help. Georgetown, someone’s gotta be the bigger man here — and with neighbors like ours, it really shouldn’t be that hard.

  2. The blatant dishonesty in those posts (e.g., streetcorner drug deals with police officers on the scene? bonfire parties?) make me less inclined to believe even the legitimate neighbor complaints. If a student is rude or profane to a neighbor, that’s wrong. But why should I believe that it happened if it’s mentioned in the same post as a patently absurd allegation of drug deals?

  3. I guess when you pay $5K + per month to live in a 100 square foot row house you have to put up a stink over something. Get over it neighbors, the University was here long before you were. Or else move to Virgina, where you can have – GASP- a backyard? and more than one bathroom? for less than the GDP of a small country per month? What is this? Mars?

  4. sounds like quite an evening… kind of like the burning town of drunks and prostitutes shooting muskets and drinking rum in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.


    I also have trouble believing a student threatened to poop on someone’s stoop “as in HEY, YOU, Im gonna take a poop on your doorstep”… maybe more like “Joe, you should tell the lady with the dog your gonna poop at her house!!”. not impossible though, immature behavior is problem.

    But these descriptions make it sound like Isla Vista on 420. Really not the ase.

    also, jumping from “I have a problem with student behavior”, to OPPOSE THE GU CAMPUS PLAN seems a little, well less than fully reasonable.

  5. Man, this mythical party school sounds awesome. I only wish I went to a school with faux weddings and bonfires!

    But in the meantime, I’ll settle for a school that’s not surrounded by pathetic neighbors that stoop to concocting absurd lies about student behavior.

  6. This good article is good because it identifies the hysterical accusers by name. If a nearby resident does something ridiculous, makes a false or exaggerated allegation, or is just being dishonest, he/she should be called out and held responsible for those claims or actions. Hysteria does nothing to improve the neighborhood.

    In the forum, Annie Montemayor complains that “One has to prove without a doubt that these persons are guilty.” Oh, the horror, having to prove that someone is guilty before punishing him! Yes, these are the residents who want to control your campus and take away your equal right to live in a DC neighborhood.

  7. Man, I miss those faux wedding complete with rock bands.

  8. I really REALLY wish our school threw down this hard. Faux weddings with rock bands? Let’s make it happen people

  9. I would like to suggest to Mr. Laylock and to remind those neighbors who seek to get MPD involved that calling 911 for a non-emergency purpose is a crime in itself. I would hardly qualify a noise disturbance as a dire emergency. In my opinion, tying up already scarce 911 operators while there are actual emergencies in this city occurring every second is probably doing more harm to the public than a few kids drinking beer at 11:30 on Saturday night.

  10. And yet, they also hate the notion of realigning the hospital parking lot exit. Contrary to their apparent belief, the Campus Plan is not simply about housing, and University is not only within the gates.

  11. These posts should be submitted to the record of the ANC and Zoning Board. Let this lunacy stand in the public eye for all to see. Hyperbole like this can only help the University’s position.

  12. Different circumstances, but the same story- neighbors upset about college kids drinking. I have always had the same position on the issue- Georgetown University has been in the same place for 221 years. When you moved to the neighborhood, you had to know that you would be living feet from a university that would have drunk students walking outside being loud at all hours on the weekends. You were not obligated to live there and you can’t expect people to have sympathy for you for living a block from a university and shockingly having to deal with loud drunk college kids.

  13. Georgetown has been here since 1789. You knew what you were getting into when you moved here, neighbors. Suck it up or move away.

  14. Unfortunately ANC and Zoning Board will believe the hyperbole. It is way easier to buy into the stereotype of drunkard college student than crotchety professionals playing the damsel in distress. Especially when the damsel pays the taxes that fund ANC and the Zoning Board.

  15. Okay. If we actually had bonfire parties or mock weddings with rock bands outside late at night, I would be able to accept the neighbors’ complaints as legitimate. But I have not only never been to but haven’t even heard of anyone holding or attending a party like this – and I’m pretty sure something that involved fire would get around pretty quickly.

    Ignoring the fact that there’s a university for a second: Part of living in a neighborhood is accepting that neighbors are going to make noise. Part of living in ONE OF THE LARGEST CITIES IN THE COUNTRY is accepting that it’s NOT going to be quiet at night or on the weekends the way it would be if you lived in the suburbs. There are buses. Cars. Airplanes. And, yes, people.

  16. Good points, Eileen. Much of the noise and traffic doesn’t come from local students- people come from all over the metro area for the restaurants and bars, or to visit friends who live in the area.

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