GW to offer co-ed housing options

George Washington University will introduce gender-neutral housing options during the 2011-2012 academic year, according to an announcement made yesterday. Male and female students who hope to live together will have to request the option, which will be offered in every one of GW’s co-ed residence halls.

“I credit our students with identifying the need and urging our administration to take an in-depth look at these issues,” Peter Konwerski, GW’s dean of students, said in a news release.

The push for gender-neutral housing in Foggy Bottom began last year, when students organized an effort that led to student government support and a University-led review committee.

Last month, the Georgetown University Student Association passed a resolution that encouraged discussion about gender-neutral housing that drew the ire of the Cardinal Newman Society. Despite the attention, neither GUSA nor the University have indicated official plans to change the on-campus housing policy.

2 Comments on “GW to offer co-ed housing options

  1. Will co-educational couples be allowed to be roommates? What if they break up? WHO WILL GET TO KEEP THE ROOM?

  2. Cardinal Newman Society is focusing on gender-blind housing when the availability of single rooms for upperclassmen is facilitating, no doubt, a culture of masturbation? Outrageous! Every sperm is sacred. We cannot condone masturbation, even silently.

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