I, for one, welcome our new Georgetown blog overlords

Of the few hundred posts I written for Vox, this is the one I least enjoy.

In a few minutes, I’ll hand my blogging keys over to Geoffrey Bible and Nico Dodd, the two Voice writers who will gratuitously Blingee photos in my stead. Then, I’m headed back to the kind of news writing that doesn’t involve typing into tiny browser windows and photoshopping Jack DeGioia. (… yet.)

The last seven-and-a-half months gave us Stephen R. Brown‘s voyeuristic website, Georgetown’s worst ideas, anti-campus plan lawn signs, Jim O’Donnell and Dan Porterfield eating chicken wings, Village A window wars, and DMT. I’ll miss it all.

I can’t write enough about the readers and commenters who made my job well worth the stress and sleep deprivation, so I won’t waste any words. Vox is nothing without its audience and I’m eager to see what it’ll be like to join your ranks.

See you on the other side.

11 Comments on “I, for one, welcome our new Georgetown blog overlords

  1. maybe now the blog will no longer be dead from Friday-Monday…

  2. Actually viva la Revolucion works just fine. Some people consider Spanish a language

  3. Spanish is a romance language, like French, so it’s obviously a language. But we did révolution before you.

  4. yeah but Chris hates the French so that wouldn’t make any sense

  5. FYI all Vox readers:
    Only one of captcha words is necessary, the other can be pretty much anything offensive or vulgar you want to enter. The trick is to figure out which word is necessary. Usually, words with punctuation, numbers, weird fonts, and capitalization are filler words.

    Once enough people start messing with reCaptcha, the system starts messing up. Since reCaptcha is used to translate print books to digital text, these digital books will now contain a lot more obscenity.

    tl;dr = post \fuck\, ruin kindle

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