Vox Populi has two new daddies

Following this weekend’s Voice elections, Chris Heller now runs the news section of the actual paper. So, which idiot will provide you with all the information you need—and probably don’t need—to know related to Georgetown?

Well, it’s your lucky day, because you’re getting two new idiots!

Our baby’s grown a lot over the past few years, and now is too big of a job for a single parent. Geoffrey, one of Vox’s assistant editors from this past semester, will cover news content. Nico, one of this fall’s assistant leisure editors and a known h8r, will manage features and leisure content.

We hope at least one of us will survive the oncoming melee.

We have taken over Vox Populi. We apologize for all of the mistakes we will inevitably make, the first of which was accepting this job. (And do not worry, trolls, Chris will probably be lurking around from time to time as well.)

Now, back to business…

Photo: Chris Heller

2 Comments on “Vox Populi has two new daddies

  1. Hear hear! Long live the King! I fully support the new reign, good choice voicers.

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