City Sports opens in Georgetown

As many students begin leaving the Hilltop for the winter break, a new neighbor moved in on M Street.

City Sports, an East Coast-based sporting goods store, officially opened its 18th store yesterday.

Customers waited outside of the store for hours Tuesday morning, hoping to be one of the first 50 customers who received a gift bag containing $250 of merchandise. The long wait in the frigid temperatures was worth it though, as those in line got the first glimpse into the impressive 2 level, 8,500 square foot store.

The store boasts many modern features including an energy bar, fully stocked with everything you would need for a trip to Yates or a long night in Lau. On the other side of a giant freestanding shoe wall is a media center fitted with iPads that can be used to view videos about different products or find fitness events in the area.

The second floor has multiple rooms for different product types. The women’s yoga room is outfitted with removal clothing racks so the store can provide yoga classes. If yoga isn’t your thing, walk across one of the two bridges to the tennis, strength, or running rooms.

With all the features in the new store it is easy to spend an hour just looking around the place.

“We didn’t want it to just be a stop, we wanted it to be a destination,” City Sports CEO Jeff Connor said.

Photo: City Sports Georgetown

2 Comments on “City Sports opens in Georgetown

  1. Yes! Another overpriced outdoors-wear store to join the likes of North Face, LuLuLemon, and Patagonia. Diversity always has been Georgetown’s best quality.

  2. Meh. Anything bike-related, I’ll go to Georgetown Bicycle Pro Shop. Anything running-related, I’ll go to Georgetown Running Company. Everything else I’ll buy on-line. Georgetown needs more local retailers, not big chains. Support your local retailer.

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