Georgetown’s favorite booze

Georgetown Patch recently asked local liquor stores what their highest selling brands were, and received mixed results across the board. Since Georgetown is comprised of students and other, more prosperous residents, differing tastes are represented. It’s pretty clear what kind of clientele these different stores have.

Unsurprisingly, Wagner’s and Towne Liquor listed Natural Light, Keystone Light, and Burnett’s making up the large part of their sales, with Four Loko and and Smirnoff Ice were also popular.

Potomac Wines and Spirits and Bacchus Wine Cellar list wine and champagne, like Ruinart and Blenheim Vineyards. Pappy Van Winkle 20 year Bourbon is popular at both locations, and Sam Adams is the only beer listed.

Dixie was not included in the survey. Maybe we should have a keg census this spring?

h/t: Georgetown Patch

3 Comments on “Georgetown’s favorite booze

  1. So Hoyas prefer booze that resembles the student body: generic, pale, and lame.

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