Happy Festivus: Air your grievances here!

It’s that time of year! Gather ’round the Festivus pole. Eat some meatloaf. Wrestle your dad.

If anyone has disappointed you this year, feel free to let them know in the comments below. We know you’ve got something to complain about. Be sure to report any Festivus miracles.

Footage of the Adams Morgan’s airing of grievances can be found here.

Happy Festivus!

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20 Comments on “Happy Festivus: Air your grievances here!

  1. When my friend can’t get into georgetown with a 2200 and 4.2 GPA, while Kelly “Mayli” Baltasar can get in…

  2. If the friend referred to above is anything like the commenter (feels entitled, judges others, posts character attacks anonymously on blogs, etc) then I am quite happy with admissions.

    Please remove that comment, then feel free to delete this one too as it’d be kinda random and a downer without the original I’m responding to.

  3. Angry at Admissions is right. Even people who feel entitled, judge others, and post character attacks anonymously on blogs are still better than drug-peddling porn “stars.” She was a disgrace to Georgetown. Period.

  4. I would like to say that I feel disappointed by my marriage. Please don’t jump to any conclusions: no one has been unfaithful or anything like that! It’s just that my husband has not lived up to my expectations. I am not sure if I have lived up to his either. Hopefully, with the new year approaching, it will bring with it some positive change.

  5. Jaimie is probably one of the neighbors in Burleith. Her husband now finds her unattractive because of her frigid, uncaring disposition. Of course, he is so self-centered and full of himself that he spends all day either working or yelling at college kids to get off his lawn. They haven’t had sex (at least with each other) in almost two and a half years, but they do plan to attend the Zoning Commission’s meeting regarding the Georgetown campus plan because, after all, nothing is more important than putting a stop to Georgetown parties.

  6. Saferides is a joke.

    #1 Saferides does not call you when they arrive (as their website says they do)
    #2 When Saferides does arrive, they stay maybe around 5 seconds, and if no ones there, continue to drive around acting like they do something.
    #3 When a driver is parked, half the time the Saferide refuses to take you where you need to go within the West Georgetown/Burleith loop and forces me to wait for another Saferide (and in one case, refused to drive me anywhere because it was “after 2 am”).
    #4 The burleith shuttle does not exist. You can say that it goes in loops, but when I have to wait 20-30 mins for a loop, I’d much rather risk my life walking than stand in frigid temperatures.
    #5 Just because a Saferide already has one person in it does not mean it can’t take another. If I call the Saferide office, and I am told a Saferide will be there within 10 mins, just because your Saferide is not the one I called does not mean I have to wait another 15 mins because you don’t want to add another person to your 5 empty seats in the back.

    If Georgetown wants to peddle their SafeRide bullshit on us students to stop us from making noise in the surrounding area, they better actually put out a good service. This can all be fixed with more accountability and an actual update as to where the shuttles are in low-traffic areas. “We’ll be there in 20 to 30 minutes” is not an update when it takes 5 minutes to drive from Wisconsin to Reservoir, its basically saying we don’t want to take you.

  7. Haha, “4.2” GPA.

    You mean your friend went to a school with one of those awful fake AP programs that gives you a whole extra point of GPA just for taking advanced classes? And only managed a 4.2?

    My high school did not reflect AP classes at all in GPA and I got a 3.8. So your friend really only got much less than the actual, meaningful ceiling of 4.0. (Saying you got more than a 4.0 is like saying you got an A+++superplus.)

    I really wish your friend best of luck at Trinity.

  8. I’m an alum living in england and I can’t access this blog from my house! Only from work. It sucks. No one’s been able to figure it out yet…

  9. @Paul Denton

    Bitter much? Nobody asked for an elaborate discussion on the trivialities of a “4.2 GPA,” but I’m glad you made yourself feel useful.

    And my comment still stands. Admissions did a terrible job.

  10. GPB’s list of concert choices this year…all are terrible. 4 years here and only one good concert (Lupe)? What a joke

    1) 2007-08: Coolio was a clusterfuck; Common couldn’t get through the set.
    2) 2009: I didn’t think you could do a concert of 60, one minute samples, but T-Pain proved me wrong.
    3) 2010: Mash Bros. played stuff that I could have just downloaded, no new mixes during the show and Third Eye Blind is just the lead singer and a bad backing band now.

    4) 2011: Soulja Boy (the biggest joke of freshman year)? Ludacris, who hates performing at colleges (his 2008 campus tour sucked)? Far East Movement (at least T-Pain had more than one hit)?

  11. @Frank Costanza, that’s why you should hit WGTB shows

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