Cousy Award omits Wright from original list of nominees

This week, the Basketball Hall of Fame announced the nominees for the 2011 Bob Cousy Award for the best point guard in college basketball.

Hoyas point guard Chris Wright—who at the time was averaging 13 points and six assists a game—was nowhere to be found on the list of 66 nominees.

Basketball analysts around the country began scratching their heads when they saw the list of nominees. Along with Wright, Syracuse’s Scoop Jardine and Cal State Fullerton’s Perry Webster were noticeably absent from the list. ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan pointed out that, despite these absences, the nominees still included Cleveland State’s Norris Cole and Cole Norris (even though Cole Norris does not exist).

Following the outcry against the glaring omission, order has been slightly restored to the list of nominees. Wright is now a part of 69 nominees for the award—along with the imaginary Cole Norris.

Picture and h/t: Casual Hoya

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