Alum selling admissions essay, among others, on eBay

Are you a class of 2015 hopeful who cannot think of what to write about for an admissions essay or a current student who is too busy to write an original paper?

If you’re short on cash after the holidays, eBay user alzheimers_caregiver has come up with a way to make a little extra money.

The eBay user is currently selling their own admissions essay on the popular auction website.

Although there are currently no bids on the item, the winner of the auction will have the 662-word essay emailed to them upon receipt of payment.

According to the seller’s description, “Please feel free to copy, paste and tweak it as necessary.  It has been triple-checked for spelling and grammatical errors.” (But it probably has not been checked against the University’s Honor Code.)

The seller is also attempting to sell multiple papers from their time at Georgetown—on which they allegedly received A’s—as well as a graduate scholarship essay, and a VHS copy of Look Who’s Talking Now.

Alzheimers_caregiver did not respond to a request for comment.

One Comment on “Alum selling admissions essay, among others, on eBay

  1. It didn’t sell for $3.50, so now he’s starting the bidding a second time at $9.99. I guess he never studied Econ at Georgetown.

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