GUSA president participates in exchange with Russia

GUSA President Calen Angert (MSB ’11), along with 14 other student body presidents from across the country, recently participated in a cultural exchange with their counterparts in Russia.

As a part of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission’s Education, Culture and Sports Working Group, the group met with student leaders in Russia as well as members of the Russian government.

“We met with the majority leaders of both houses […], individuals from the Russian State Department, a Russian think tank, and several students,” Angert wrote in an email.

Chang Suh, director of the Open World Leadership Center, an organizer of the trip, stated that the mission of the trip was to “identify the future leaders of America and acquaint them with Russian culture.” Suh also claimed that there is good reason for selecting these students because former U.S. presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) were student body presidents. (However, any GUSA historian would know that Clinton lost his race for student body president.)

“I did not expect our Russian contacts to field our questions so directly. The acknowledgment and candid discourse during these meetings helped transform my view of Russia from a Cold War carryover to a developing democracy,” Angert told

This is not the first time a GUSA president has participated in a cultural exchange program. Pat Dowd (SFS ’09) traveled to Finland in a similar trip in 2009.

The exchange lasted for eight days, and was paid for by the Russian government.

3 Comments on “GUSA president participates in exchange with Russia

  1. At the very least it would be good if the Russians taught GUSA new and improved ways of tampering with elections.

  2. The choice of schools seems a bit strange. Leaning heavy on Utah — Snow College, Utah Valley University, Westminster College . . . sounds like Uncle Joe thinks pretty darn highly of the Mormons.

    Amherst College
    Barnard College
    Columbia University
    Dixie State College
    Georgetown University
    Harvard University
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Snow College
    Stanford University
    University of California at Berkeley
    University of Colorado
    University of Massachusetts
    University of Minnesota
    Utah Valley University
    and Westminster College ( Utah ).

    Also, thanks for pointing out the Clinton gaffe. He was, however, elected freshman and sophomore class president in the East Campus Class Council (the SFS student government), though.

  3. Calen is a pink commie! How can we trust him with the title of ‘future leader of America’ when he’s palin’ around with communistsi!?

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