Four things you shouldn’t forget before coming back to the Hilltop

As soon as you get settled back on campus, there are always a few things you know you should have brought from home. As the new semester draws near, Vox has picked four things you should remember to pack before you come back.

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Laptop lock

After last semester’s surge of laptop thefts, it might be a good a idea to invest in a laptop lock. The Apple store has a good selection. Prices range from $30 to $50. Of course, you could always just lock your doors.

Flu shot

Living in a densely populated area like a college campus could put you at a higher risk for contracting flu. Do a favor to yourself and your classmates by getting a flu shot or flu mist before you get back to campus.

Warm things

Do not forget that it is cold in Washington! Californians and students from other warmer climates may be enjoying spring break weather, but DC’s average temperatures in January are a high of 43 and a low of 27. Long underwear, gloves, and scarves should not be forgotten at home.

Kitchen items

For those of us who have kitchens, now is the perfect time to get cooking utensils  like pots, pans, and knives. You can buy new ones, or snoop around your house for ones your parents don’t use.

3 Comments on “Four things you shouldn’t forget before coming back to the Hilltop

  1. W/R/T Flu Shots, do you know if Yates will be offerring them again, and if so when?

  2. From the Student Health Center’s homepage:

    “During the past several months the Student Health Center immunized over 4300 students, faculty and staff against influenza in preparation for this year’s flu season. Although no further walk-in clinics are planned, the health center does maintain a small supply of vaccine for those students at high risk for complications from influenza. If you believe you still need a flu shot and have a chronic illness that puts you at increased risk, please make an appointment with the health center nurse for a flu shot. Faculty and staff should contact their primary healthcare providers. There is also plenty of vaccine available at local pharmacies. For more information about this year’s flu shot and the upcoming flu season, visit the CDC website.”

    It looks like there won’t be any more mass vaccinations but you can always call them to see.

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