Georgetown freshman falls from Village C window

This morning, Georgetown University freshman Michelle Konkoly fell from her fifth-story dorm room, according to Fox News.  The incident occurred at 1:30 a.m., the Metropolitan Police Department told Fox. According to the Hoya, Konkoly fell from a window in Village C West.

University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille said that emergency workers found the 18-year-old injured but conscious after the accident, and she was admitted to George Washington University hospital in serious condition. Konkoly had permission to come back to campus early to avoid travel delays caused by snow.

15 Comments on “Georgetown freshman falls from Village C window

  1. Glad to hear she’s going to be ok, but MAN, C/O 2014, you sure are representing this year.

  2. Pre-saved username gives away what my last comment related to… fail.

  3. I don’t understand, why wasn’t she admitted to GU Hospital?

  4. @ Barack

    From Julie Bataille: \Emergency personnel on the scene make the determination about ambulatory transport based on assessment of injuries and medical dispatch directions.\

  5. Because the facilities at GWU Hospital are superior than GU Hospital.

  6. It’s not the facilities in general really, it’s that GW is a level one trauma center. Georgetown is a good hospital in general, it just doesn’t have the trauma capabilities that GW does. GW is the only one in DC as far as I know.

  7. GW is not the only level one trauma center in DC. Washington Hospital Center is a level one trauma center as well, but is much further away from GU than GWUH.

  8. Each hospital has its own strengths as has been mentioned. GUH is a great stroke center, GW is a level 1 trauma center, Washington hospital (i believe) is the only burn center in DC, etc.

  9. “Konkoly had permission to come back to campus early to avoid travel delays caused by snow.”

    Or, she was on the annual swim team training trip to Puerto Rico and just got back?

  10. How is it that people smart enough to get into Georgetown have dorm drug labs & randomly fall out of windows…?

  11. @Fact Check?

    Again, from Julie Bataille: “The student was one of several hundred who had permission to be in their residence hall early — residence halls opened last night at 5pm due to the pending forecast of snow.”

  12. GW hospital is a level one Trauma center and is closer to GU then Washington Hospital Center. Washington Hospital Center is also a level one trauma center and has a burn unit (GW does not have severe burn treatment capabilities). GU hospital does not have a trauma surgeon on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All 3 hospitals provide excellent care and are considered to be very well respected institutions. It is impossible for all hospitals to provide all services.

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