Syllabi Week: Procrastination Station

With a new semester comes a new week of syllabi-handing-out. So while you are lectured on the importance of Business Statistics in your day to day life, why not enjoy a list of Vox’s favorite websites for procrastination?


Sporcle: Everyone’s favorite Trivial Pursuit for the 21st century (not to mention with a Georgetown connection).

Kongregate: Who can’t resist flash games?

Digg: Receptacle for all things Internet (see also: Reddit).

The Voice: You know that paper laying around in your apartment that you accidentally forgot to read? Its conveniently online for when you are ready to read it.


College Humor: A huge college comedy website with all kinds of media (favorite: The March of Shame).

Cracked: Another great comedy website with hilarious articles that you can enjoy without your professor knowing.

xkcd: The best nerdy comic around.


The New York Times: America’s most popular newspaper website.

Washington Post: You can’t beat the most respected local paper, including Chris Cillizza‘s (COL ’98) great political blog The Fix.

Huffington Post or Drudge Report: Get your political talking points for the liberal and conservative movements, respectively.

Music (bookmarked for after class, of course):

The Hype Machine: Great source for tracking the hottest trends.

Pretty Much Amazing: The ultimate indie rock blog.

Pigeons and Planes:  A good, honest hip hop and indie blog.

Honorable Mentions:

Vox Populi (this is our blog, and as our beloved commenters love to point out, we are shameless self promoters).

Oh, Facebook and Twitter have a fighting chance as well.


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