Georgetown introduces online graduate nursing program

Georgetown University’s School of Nursing and Health Studies is bringing a part of its graduate programs online this spring.

The program will combine lectures from Georgetown professors using streaming video and other technology. Online class meetings and discussions are also scheduled to be part of the program.

“Our new online initiative will allow us to extend our mission and magnify our impact on health and health care across the nation, particularly in rural and underserved areas,” Julie DeLoia, interim dean of the NHS, said in a statement.

Students in this class will have some experience on the Hilltop before they graduate, as two weekends of practice with patient simulation technology on campus is required for the program.

The nationally ranked on-campus program will remain in place and the online program will simply serve those who are unable to relocate to Georgetown.

Jeanne Matthews, interim chair of the Department of Nursing, explained, “This innovative online initiative holds the promise to do that, building upon the excellence of our on-campus programs.”

Once the students complete the program they will be awarded a master of science degree in nursing.

Applicants should not be fooled in to thinking that admissions will be easier simply because the program is online because the University plans to use the same admissions standards as they currently use for the on-campus degree.

Currently only the family nurse practitioner program is the only one of the seven nursing master’s programs offered online.

Photo: Georgetown University News

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