Missed Connections: We’re back because love never dies

Somebody’s been watching too much Black Swan.

Does anybody else think this guy is a slam poet? Anybody?

“I was your waiter. You looked at me. Wanna bone?”

What kind of hat inspires a Missed Connection? Must be this.

A succinct, reasonable Craigslist post? Watch out ladies — IT’S A TRAP.

3 Comments on “Missed Connections: We’re back because love never dies

  1. I like the waiter’s post because it also is unclear which lady caught his eye…just whichever one responds to the ad, I suppose! Too funny…

  2. Coffee guy is the reason why pepper spray sells. Blinking is an involuntary biological necessity, not an invitation.

  3. @missblissindc It says m4m so the question is which man caught his eye.

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