The Hoya unveils new website

The Hoya, our friendly competitor, premiered its new website yesterday.

The College Media Network, a private web-developing subsidiary of mtvU, created the site at no cost to The Hoya, according to Editor-in-Chief Eamon O’Connor (COL ’12). The Hoya had not been involved in this network prior to the new web design.

The new site shares many similarities with The GW Hatchet’s website because they also are a part of the CMN.

As many of those who regularly comment on Vox may have noticed, The Hoya’s website had recently been having problems with allowing comments. The comment section is back, so—when you are done commenting on the Voice and Vox—you can head on over to their site and leave a few comments, too.

The new site also introduces two new blogs to the Georgetown blogosphere—Thirty-Seventh and O and Leavey 421.

5 Comments on “The Hoya unveils new website

  1. 37th and O and Leavey 421 were around for much of 2008-2009 but struggled as the Web site began to experience difficulty. They are not entirely “new,” though.

  2. Oh weird because the oldest posts (i.e., the introductory posts) are from last week and make no mention of any previous incarnation. Also, you know you can update blogs more often than every Tuesday, right?

  3. That might have come across as a little harsh, which was not my intention. After all, if it weren’t for 37th and O, where else would I go for instructions on making an egg McMuffin from ingredients at Leo’s? (Just to clarify, do I put the eggs and bacon inside the English muffin?–so hard to figure out on my own). Anyway, thanks so much!

  4. Also, can’t wait for the next “what’s in your backpack feature?” Will it be more books? Some sort of calculator or writing utensil? Or even–gasp– condoms?! Maybe you could even spice things up a little and find out what’s in someone’s messenger bag. Just a thought. I don’t want to mess with success.

  5. LOL; nice try, Hoya. When it comes to Georgetown media, Vox rules cyberspace.

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