Catholic group upset over GU production of Monologues

In a heated post entitled “Filthy V-Monologues at Georgetown University,” the blog Catholic Campus Watch criticized Georgetown University for allowing students to present The Vagina Monologues.

The blog, which aims “for the restoration of Catholic education,” condemned the production’s “anti-Catholic message of indecency” and invited readers to contact President DeGioia in protest.

“St. Ignatius must turn in his grave,” the post read.

Organized as a series of monologues about violence against women, female sexuality, and other topics pertinent to women, the play has been controversial since its first performance in 1996, and particularly on the campuses of Catholic universities.

Two of the co-directors of the Georgetown productions, Victoria Handley (COL ’11) and Elizabeth Seaman (COL ’12), said that they feel “feel very fortunate and proud to be a part of the Georgetown University community, which has remained supportive of the annual performances of The Vagina Monologues.”

Rather than anti-Catholic, they note that the play continues the Jesuit history of using the theater arts to draw attention to social issues.

“We believe that performing The Vagina Monologues, which focuses on female sexuality and challenges gender norms, is continuing this important Jesuit tradition,” Handley and Seaman said.

The Vagina Monologues opens today in the Devine Studio Theater in the Davis Center.

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14 Comments on “Catholic group upset over GU production of Monologues

  1. Is there a Penis Monologues? I bet that would make for quite a show.

  2. Did anybody else notice that the CCW website won’t say the word [em]vagina[/em]? In every post, it’s the “V-Monologues”. Talk about Catholic repressed sexuality. I wonder, does CCW’s wife go to the gynecologist to get a v-examination? What about a v-ultrasound? Did she deliver her 17 children through her v-canal? Anyway, I’m sure they only ever have v-intercourse. After all, that’s what a bunch of “celibate” male priests and popes say that a “v” is good for.

  3. I’m just offended because it’s a notoriously awful play.

  4. If the first 3 lines of your post did not do so, your anti-Catholic, bigoted remarks about Catholic clergy reveal a complete lack of maturity.

    Someone ought to ask the two directors of this scandal whether they’ve ever read anything about what Jesuit tradition really is. By the looks of their comments it seems that they haven’t the slightest clue. It’s a nice catch-phrase, though, to throw out “Jesuit tradition” or “cura personalis” as a convenient justification for whatever the program de jure (which, on closer look such “Jesuit Values,” would be found to be totally incompatible with such values) happens to be.

  5. If the Cardinal Newman brigade can claim that Jesus smited the abortion doctors and homosexuals of old (rather than the rich and their scum), then I don’t really have a problem with folks claiming that Jesus didn’t absolutely hate vaginas (or V’s however we want to censor it). Lulz Cafeteria Catholicism (ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION GAY SEX GAY SEX HATE IT ALL HATE IT ALL…hold the social justice please it gives me gas).


    PS My captcha is hyperbolic pople…lulz

  6. I like to bang chicks and then talk about it. Vagina. Monologue. Done.

  7. Can we please stop calling these fringe groups “Catholic”? They love nothing more than to declare other groups/schools/people/churches/priests “Not Catholic” but then aren’t prepared to talk about anything in Catholicism that doesn’t involve genitalia. I think a better descriptor would be “group full of self-righteous blowhards who claim to have a monopoly on what it means to be Catholic but can’t bring themselves to embrace the full depth of Catholic Social Teaching.”

  8. Not Fritz Brogan – WINNER!

    Yeah, why not glorify a play that originally featured the rape of a 13 year old girl by a 24 year old women? I mean aside from the fact that it rises to the literary level of a freshman in highschool.

    Going to see this show is for chicks who can’t get dates.

  9. I wish groups like “Catholic Campus Watch” would stop posting about things like this. Not because they’re wrong to point out the idiocy of Georgetown sponsoring something like this, but because it enables the producers of said show to amp up their victim complex by about 10.

    Now, not only are they being ‘transgressive’, they’re being persecuted!

  10. I can’t begin to fathom caring that others want to talk about vaginas, theirs or others. Why is talking about sex, vaginas, penises, what have you, indecent? They are simply things that exist that we all (nearly) think about and interact with. They’re not harmful, in fact they’re often fun and talking about them with others is as well.

  11. Hey Alum,

    Saying the play is freshman-in-high-school level is pretty rich, coming from someone who thinks “women” is singular and “highschool” is one word. Alum my ass.

  12. i dont like talking bout the vagina. why do others feel the need to push their pro-vag dialogue revolution on us poor old fashioned brutes. Enjoy your monologuing but recognize that we have as much right to not talk about it as you do to talk about it.


    a big fan of propriety

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