Comments of the Week: Trench Warfare

ANC commissioner Jeff Jones slams the student petition:


Seriously does some serious homework:

““The 1972 decision of Grayned v. City of Rockford is the main Supreme Court precedent,” said the professor. “It outlines two ‘vices of vague statutes’ that could render the statutes unconstitutional: insufficient lack of notice, and an excessive amount of discretion given to police officers for selective enforcement. The District’s new ordinance appears to suffer from both of these vices. It’s the picture of vagueness and overbreadth.”

More recently, the 1999 case City of Chicago v. Morales dealt with a similar issue of vagueness, with the court ruling that a law “so vague and standardless that it leaves the public uncertain as to the conduct it prohibits” is unconstitutional. Tracing the issue further back, the 1971 case Coates v. Cincinnati overturned a law prohibiting certain forms of assembly, claiming it violated due process for being “unconstitutionally vague,” “unconstitutionally broad,” and giving law enforcement far too much discretion. The new ordinance violates due process for the same reasons: the definition of “an unreasonably loud noise… likely to disturb or annoy” someone is astonishingly vague, leaving the matter entirely up to the discretion of law enforcement.”

Rex McGraw sees the criticism of the Vagina Monologues as hypocritical:

If the Cardinal Newman brigade can claim that Jesus smited the abortion doctors and homosexuals of old (rather than the rich and their scum), then I don’t really have a problem with folks claiming that Jesus didn’t absolutely hate vaginas (or V’s however we want to censor it). Lulz Cafeteria Catholicism (ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION GAY SEX GAY SEX HATE IT ALL HATE IT ALL…hold the social justice please it gives me gas).


PS My captcha is hyperbolic pople…lulz

oh, DOPS is a runner:

Left unsaid is what we all know from observing DOPS officers: if you run away, they’re not going to catch you.

And finally, Tim puts out a bounty:

I will give $50 to the first student who calls 911 and gets a non-student neighbor arrested under this law.

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