Georgetown tops Howard as D.C.’s top employer

According to Washington D.C.’s 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Georgetown University was the city’s largest employer in 2010. Howard University, which was the largest employer in 2009, fell to fifth on the list. Howard’s fall is attributed to financial trouble and the early retirement of some of its staff members.

At a jobs summit in December, then Mayor-elect Vincent Gray said that he wanted to sweep away obstacles, like campus plans that cap enrollment and employment, in order to make D.C. a more business friendly place.

American University ranks seventh on the list, while the Catholic University of America ranks ninth. Specific numbers of employees were not included in the report.

h/t: WBJBizBeat

8 Comments on “Georgetown tops Howard as D.C.’s top employer

  1. Don’t forget GW at #2. It’s also worht noting that the hospitals are listed separately from the universities.

  2. And yet, we still get bullied by a few dozen vocal local residents… simply doesn’t make sense.

  3. How many of these employees live in the District? If they don’t, the District ends up paying for their services out of its own pocket, because D.C. can’t tax non-resident workers.

  4. Don’t these rankings count the top employers of residents rather than just top employers in DC overall? Otherwise, wouldn’t the federal government be the largest employer?

  5. George, you forget that these employees purchase goods and services in DC even though they may not live in DC. That tax revenue isn’t going into Virginia or Maryland’s coffers.

    John – great question!

  6. Vincent Gray did not say that at the jobs summit — when the Examiner asked him about the potential for lifting enrollment caps, he said he would look at it and needed to know more. It was the ultimate political non-answer but for some reason it has been made way too much of and misreported quite a few times.

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