Nothing says love like a haiku contest

William Shakespeare once wrote, “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.”

Screw that, we’re giving away chocolate instead.

As we do every once in a while here at Vox, we’re having a haiku contest for our readers.

You know the drill: submit your love-themed haiku in the comments below and we’ll pick our favorites to receive a box of chocolate for either themselves or their significant other (because nothing says true love like regifted chocolate).

To get things started, here’s an example:

True love is precious

But chocolate is better

Enter our contest

Image: Flickr user treasureinadullshell

21 Comments on “Nothing says love like a haiku contest

  1.  by  JPKnowles

    Roses may be red
    True Hoyas bleed grey and blue
    Both are never Orange

  2.  by  Calen Angert

    Rats in the ceiling
    My body in need of rest
    Squeaking haunts my dreams

  3.  by  Calen Angert

    A true gtown haiku, not so much a love haiku per se

  4.  by  Jacob

    You said I love you.
    You lied, but so did I.
    That condom was torn.

  5.  by  Juice Cuse

    I don’t have a date
    I get hives from chocolate
    So let’s go to Thirds

  6.  by  BS

    Single on V-Day:
    Same story, stuck on repeat.
    Well…maybe next year?

  7.  by  Geoffrey Boden

    In my pants, girl, please
    This is my last chance, girl, please
    Ain’t got no herpes.


    Nope, can’t do dinner.
    I have OChem on V-Day.
    Let’s just fuck instead.

  9.  by  Luke

    Dinner is for Schmucks.
    Instead, here’s something to suck.
    Or we can just fuck.

  10.  by  Kid A

    Needed a grade boost
    Low cut v-neck did the trick
    St. V would be proud!

  11.  by  Haiku's for You

    Call Me Sir Romance
    I’ll Whisper Lines While We Dance
    Forget Me? No Chance.

  12.  by  Thank you

    Senior-Freshman sex,
    He better buy me flowers,
    Or just eat me out.

  13.  by  hello

    studying abroad
    this semester but i want
    some delicious treats

  14.  by  Kid B

    True love at Georgetown?
    Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.
    I’d rather have sweets!

  15.  by  Snowman

    chocolate, flowers
    those do not help. this v-day
    i just want a hug

  16.  by  Molly & Hailey

    Saw you. Dropped my tray.
    Hoped to get your attention.
    Why aren’t you clapping?

  17.  by  Alcibiades

    midwinter parties;
    smile through them when she smiles through
    them lightly at me.

  18.  by  Margery Brews

    glare in defiance
    lash out, sage, combat thine foes
    zealot, cause unknown

  19.  by  Victor Page's Right Eye

    I love you so much
    I’d do anything for you
    but fisting is weird

  20.  by  Ajax

    the last one is good
    the one that regards fisting
    that one should have won

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