Meet the GUSA candidates: Feiman and Sims

Presidential candidate: Jed Feiman (COL ’12)

Vice presidential candidate: Henry Sims (COL ’12)

Why are you qualified to be the GUSA president and vice president?

Just like all the other candidates, we’re qualified because we think very highly of ourselves.  Very, very highly.  We’re bosses in our respective areas: Jed’s the Vice President of the College Academic Council, a director of Improv, member of GUSA’s Speech and Expression Committee, and a beast.  Henry Sims plays chess.  We’ll give voices to typically underrepresented members of the community and unite the campus.

What are your three top goals that you hope to achieve as the GUSA executives?

Among other things…

1. Tax cuts: Have you used your landline lately?  It’s time to opt-opt out of annoying outdated mandatory payments like communications in dorms and language lab fees.  Don’t get us started on language lab fees.  We’re getting angry thinking about them.  How many people use language labs?  Breathe.  We’ll also work with the bookstore to extend the buy-back period for books that you might not need.  And allocate some money to the creation of a GU/DC colleges book sharing website, where students can swap books during or after each semester, or even put students in touch with other students to sell their books to students who will actually need them the next semester.

2. Student Army: The new noise law is dangerous.  Like AU and GW, we’ll develop a student advocacy center and will work with the Senate on efforts like updating the GUSA “Know Your Rights Pamphlet.”  GUSA’s primary job is to protect students and defend their rights on campus and in the District.  We’re going to inspire the student body to be more knowledgeable and civil.

3. #Hashtag: Complaining about technology at Georgetown is always fun, but as President/VP we will use some of GUSA’s money to buy wireless routers for some key areas that may need it after the university completes its dormitory wi-fi project and other technology needs as necessary.

What do you believe GUSA’s role should be in town-gown issues, such as the campus plan and the amended noise law?

We support the campus plan as well as noise.  Like GUSA, Jed and Henry recently passed resolutions in their apartments denouncing the new amended noise law.

Realistically the only thing students can do to combat this law, unlike what our opponents may say, is to actively campaign against it. Please. GUSA doesn’t have that much power.

We would appoint a GUSA representative to attend ANC meetings and blog/tweet about them.  Once students know more about what’s going on at those meetings – good job so far, Vox – GUSA should also take the lead in organizing student campaigns in favor of student rights.  GUSA is currently working with the ACLU on the new noise law; that’s a step in the right direction.  We would be in contact with other outside civil liberties organizations to come help us make a fuss, Twitter revolution style.

How would you characterize Angert and Kluger’s time in office? If elected, what do you plan to do the same/differently?
ANGER, or Angert/Kluger, they were able to work with the Senate on funding reform and career services while effortlessly maintaining their upright, handsome appeal.   We want to continue on all those fronts.

GUSA just announced a committee to study how to spend its former endowment of $3 million, which we support.  But we do not want this decision rushed into one semester like the GUSA deadline suggests, although we agree that this money should no longer be kept in its current endowment form.

We plan on continuing GUSA’s transparency initiative by posting informative video updates to the community about what we’ve been doing, being more accessible to the student body and campus groups for advice and support.  And updating a GUSA friendster page or whatever students use.

Unlike Angert/Kluger, however, we plan on running for only one term.

19 Comments on “Meet the GUSA candidates: Feiman and Sims

  1. Jed Feiman and Henry Sims are serious men for serious times. Some questions for you gentlemen:

    1. The language lab fee point is a really good one. Would you suggest switching it into an opt-out/opt-in system, or would you push to shift the costs elsewhere somehow?

    2. What would you suggest is a better timeline for Endowment proposals? Wouldn’t it be possible for the commission as currently constituted simply to elect not to allocate all the money now?

    3. How would you improve on the legacy of Calen and Jason and turn the GUSA Executive into an even handsomer institution?

    All the best to you guys. Good luck.

  2. This platform is simultaneously hilarious and yet entirely legitimate and respectful of the progress GUSA has made in the last two years. There are some really worthwhile ideas in here, and they should be taken very seriously.

  3. If I were on campus, they would get my vote, hands down. And I am not kidding even a little bit.

  4. Jed Fieman, you are a true revolutionary. I love you and I wish you two the best of luck <3

  5. I’d vote for them for the “informative video updates” alone…

  6. I don’t know if the “tax cuts” part of the platform will be particularly eye-catching to students. Many students’ parents pay their student fees with their tuition, and they don’t even notice those annoying costs for out-dated things like land lines. I’m all for the “tax cuts”, and I’m sure any student would be, but saying “We’re going to help your parents pay less on your annual fees, which you probably don’t know much about to begin with” isn’t going to snag students the way platforms about wireless/SafeRides/student-administrator communication/student study space/etc will.

  7. As a student whose parents are paying for her education, I’d LOVE to see the land line fee taken out of my tuition. I’m all for putting money into a giant pot for student activities, etc., but I haven’t met a single person who uses the land line. Many students who are fortunate enough to have parents paying for college ARE aware of how the bill works and would love to make their parents’ lives a little easier. Please don’t underestimate all of us – I may be exceedingly lucky, and I may not have a perfect world view, but I’m not ENTIRELY ignorant.

  8. How could you NOT vote for these guys if you are a current student?

    The idea of a student advocacy center is the best GUSA campaign pledge I have seen in 5 years. It should have happened years ago.

  9. Thank god. This ticket is fantastically refreshing, especially after so many uninspiring candidates.

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  12. I laughed, I cried, I read this with great anticipation. But in the end, I’m uninspired. Sure, it’s funny, written with a scattering of ideas. But it, same time, it’s also a big joke, with only a few new ideas. Emphasis on few.
    I guess I’d prefer a couple of candidates that can really make a difference.

  13. Wait for the video and think long and hard about what they are seriously saying.

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