VP Biden spotted on campus, looks exactly like Onion’s Biden

Not pictured: Biden's sweet Trans Am

That photo up above? Oh, you know, that’s just Vice President Joe Biden taking a stroll across Copley Lawn. No big deal.

Fresh off what we can only imagine was a trip to Mexico, Biden took a tour of Georgetown on Sunday afternoon with his granddaughter. He was spotted in Sellinger Lounge, Lauinger Library, and Leo’s Dining Hall, among other spots on campus.

And most importantly, he was wearing a leather jacket and aviators.

Photo: Max Blodgett

9 Comments on “VP Biden spotted on campus, looks exactly like Onion’s Biden

  1. oh hell yes. Please tell me someone at the voice is making the above comment a reality. photoshop contest sounds highly amusing.

  2. I heard he was in Lau. The Vice President of the United States has now spent more time in Lau than I have this semester.


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