Joyce/Lovejoy ticket releases GUSA campaign video

Charlie Joyce (COL ’12) and his running mate Paige Lovejoy (SFS ’12) entered themselves in to the GUSA campaign video war recently. Check out their video below.

8 Comments on “Joyce/Lovejoy ticket releases GUSA campaign video

  1. Meh. I lost interest after about 30 seconds. What was this for?

    All I know is that I suddenly have the urge to send a package with UPS.

  2. Wow. A campaign video that actually addresses issues instead of just inane babble, what a crazy concept. I think it’s pretty easy to tell from these videos who’s serious about doing work.

  3. I only see problems and questions. Where are the solutions?

  4. AWESOME VIDEO! They definitelyyy have my vote!
    : )

  5. You can see the top of Paige’s head for most of the video! That’s enough to get my vote!

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