VoxPop’s V-Day Haiku Contest winner

Wow, we certainly had a lot of creative entries, didn’t we? After our judges had a heated secret conference in which one person was unfriended and another accused of illiteracy, there was one winner who brought home the traditional Valentine’s Day chocolate fish. Behold! Our winner and most-honorable mentions.

Kid A took home the choco-fish with a heart-warming poem about sweaters.

Needed a grade boost

Low cut v-neck did the trick

St. V would be proud!

Honorable mentions were entered by Jacob

You said I love you.

You lied, but so did I.

That condom was torn

… and Kid B
True love at Georgetown?

Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

I’d rather have sweets!

Thank you to all of our participants! Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope your day is filled with romance and candy, not Netflix and take-out.

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