Factor and Pickens present their proposed GUSA budget

Ace Factor (COL ’12) and James Pickens (COL ’12) released their proposed budget last night in their bid for the Georgetown University Student Association executive positions.

Factor and Pickens’ budget request totals $28,000. The budget includes $6,000 for a proposed community service fund and $350 for the creation of a Georgetown-related mobile phone application.

In order for candidates for the presidency to participate in Thursday’s debate they were required to submit a budget 48 hours in advance. Check Vox later today for the rest of the budget proposals.

We’ve included the Factor-Pickens budget proposal after the jump

Factor Pickens Budget

4 Comments on “Factor and Pickens present their proposed GUSA budget

  1. What in the world would a Georgetown phone app look like, and what would make it worth buying?

  2. I asked this on Joyce/Lovejoy’s budget, but I noticed the same thing here, so I’ll ask again:

    Why do you only ask for a few thousand for the readership program? Doesn’t that program cost somewhere near $15000?

  3. $350 for a mobile app? Sounds like neither of these guys has even thought about the cost of mobile app development. 350 “big one’s” will get you nothing more than an app that simply redirects you to Georgetown’s under par mobile website.

  4. Bullshit. That wouldn’t cost anything to develop. While $350 is not quite enough, $350 goes a lot farther in mobile app development vs. desktop applications or those in the cloud.

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