Feiman-Sims budget does not call for more money for basketball team

In their proposed budget, Jed Feiman (COL ’12) and Henry Sims (COL ’12) plan to continue the allocation of $3,000 toward LSAT and GRE familiarization classes started by current Georgetown University Student Association President Calen Angert (MSB ’11).

The pair is also proposing $8,440 for future initiatives, but does not outline what these are in the budget proposal.

The Feiman-Sims budget proposal can be found after the jump.

Feiman-Sims Budget

5 Comments on “Feiman-Sims budget does not call for more money for basketball team

  1. \We would like to sell cool GUSA t-shirts and/or other merchandise.\

    . . . Srsly? And this is coming from a guy who owns like five of the original GUSA t-shirts. And we gave them away. No one’s going to pay for them.

  2. i think the key word was ‘cool.’ After all Jed and henry are change we can believe in.

  3. After a performance like that, I don’t know if anyone will vote for Sims….

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