Tate Tucker (COL ’14) gains attention in blogosphere

Remember that freshman who freestyled for Lupe Fiasco two months ago? Tate Tucker (COL ’14) has been busy since then, gaining great exposure in the rap game. He was interviewed by the hip-hop media giant, The Source, about his experience with Lupe and his upcoming projects.

That was all 2010, but 2011 is moving just as fast for Tucker. His music is garnering attention from every angle. He has been featured on BroBible, Camelbackmusic, and The Hype Machine.

And last week, Tucker slapped another huge mention on his resume, a post on Pigeons and Planes. It is a great blog that we recommended before, and an absolute goldmine for the best up-and-comers of the rap and indie scene. His freestyle over the euro- dance track, “Alors on Danse” was featured with some hearty praise from the guys at P&P. If you aren’t into the music blog scene, we promise that its an impressive achievement.

But Tate isn’t resting, Vox asked what was next on his plate,

My next project is my first mixtape which I am recording with fellow freshman Will Henderson–a very talented producer. That should be dropping early April and I’m really excited about it.

Can’t wait till April? Go see him perform on February 25th at Epicurean for $5. Another DC group, Rising Suns will also be performing. Tate and Vox both agree, it will be a great way to get hype for the Syracuse game the following day.

“I got my priorities/Tate Tucker’s raps don’t recognize the majority.”

Follow on him facebook and show some love and download! Here, here, here, and here.

photo: Pigeons & Planes

6 Comments on “Tate Tucker (COL ’14) gains attention in blogosphere

  1. @first
    The post you linked to was from January 31st, but the Pigeons and Planes post did not air until February 8th. It was the main impetus for the post, also he is an up and coming hoya who I am sure will take all the coverage he can get.

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