Feiman and Sims share meal, ideas in campaign video

Jed Feiman (COL ’12) and Henry Sims (COL ’12) released their campaign video for the GUSA executive positions last night.

In the video the pair discusses their opinions on student fee reform, mention Sims’ love for Feiman, and focus on the beauty of the girl behind the SweetGreen counter.

15 Comments on “Feiman and Sims share meal, ideas in campaign video

  1. Thousand. Twenty two thousand.

  2. I’m pretty sure Henry says “I think I love her” (as in the Sweetgreen counter girl), rather than “I think I love him” (as in Jed). Either way, this video is begging for some fanfiction.

  3. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars woth of glitter!! See you all at the PUMPHOUSE!!!!

  4. Does the Feiman-Sims ticket understand GUSA’s endowment plan? There haven’t been any proposals to spend it at all, just a commission to come up with ideas. Spending it all in one semester is definitely not on the docket

  5. So Feiman/Sims’s plans for GUSA can now be expanded to include:

    1. Selling “cool GUSA t-shirts and other merchandise”
    2. $8000 for ‘unspecified future initiatives’
    3. WiFi routers that UIS has repeatedly shot down

    and now

    4. Being really slow in spending down the endowment

  6. The other kid’s kinda dorky – but I’d vote for Henry.

  7. Barack Obama won 2008 because of the black vote.
    I don’t want to be sitting this race out because of the same thing. Don’t make the same mistake he did.

  8. Wait…. are people criticizing this ticket? Absurd!!!

    GUSA has never been and never will be a serious or critical element of the Georgetown community. I lived 4 great years on campus with almost no consciousness of what the heck was going on with GUSA, and frankly, I didn’t care.

    Why not have an awesome guy like Henry Sims as the school’s VP? No candidate will do a different job than any other candidate, so do your part to get Henry in there!

    It makes too much sense. There’s no “risk” in electing these guys. Anyone who thinks that is the case is coming across as a gigantic buffoon.

  9. @Thrilled Alum

    Thanks for gracing us all with your condescension.

    As someone who is acquainted with all the candidates personally, I’m certain they all, in fact, take GUSA quite seriously. They know that just this year GUSA succeeded in tripling the amount of money available to student life, such that it will approach $1 million in the coming years. GUSA has also created programs to sponsor low-income students so that they can take unpaid summer internships in DC, and funded a LSAT and GRE familiarization program for students who can’t afford expensive study courses. The GUSA Fund promotes new ventures like Georgetown University Farmers Market as well as other entrepreneurial student ideas.

    I think Jed and Henry would be a great choice, as would be Mike and Greg, Charlie and Paige, and Ace and James, but I think these tickets would be good because they understand and are passionate about continuing the good work that GUSA has done in recent years. I’m sorry you didn’t have a similar experience of GUSA, but you can’t claim our experience as your own.

  10. Sorry, what the hell is this \GUSA\? And why do these \GUSA\ people keep trying to convince me that \GUSA\ is valuable and effective?

  11. @John Hoya- Better question: Who the hell are these \anti-GUSA people\ who keep their heads stuck in the sand and keep insisting that GUSA doesn’t do anything when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Maybe these people are trying to be too cool for school, or maybe they’re just genuinely ignorant.

  12. What is this “Corp” that everyone speaks about? What is it that they have done? I buy all my coffee from Midnight MUG and my snacks from Vital Vittles . . . so I have no idea where this so-called Corp is operating.

  13. Why, if there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is GUSA a dirty word around campus? I asked some people about this GUSA and they just laughed. I don’t understand why something so intrinsically valuable to student life at Georgetown is treated with such widespread derision. I guess it must be the general student body’s fault for being ignorant about GUSA’s obvious accomplishments and profound effect on student life. Educate us, GUSA. Teach us how wrong people to think GUSA could ever be dysfunctional or worthless. I just want to understand! I’m tired of living in this shell of ignorance.

  14. Can anyone please ask the question about whether or not Sims will actually be able to do the job? That is pretty serious.

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