Comments of the Week: Election Season

John Hoya is still confused about this whole “election” thing:

Sorry, what the hell is this \GUSA\? And why do these \GUSA\ people keep trying to convince me that \GUSA\ is valuable and effective?

Smarty Pantz draws a line in the sand:

When you vote for someone other than Henry, can you still call yourself a hoya that bleeds hoya blue? A vote against Henry is like voting for Duke.

Sweet Lax Bro wants GUSA to be concerned for his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of frattyness:

How will you protect my right to lax hard and lax often?

A commenter, The video got 2200 hits within two hours? , a moniker referring to the recent Feiman-Sims YouTube sensation corrects himself:

Thousand. Twenty two thousand.

Not a Neighbor comes out of the shadows to comment on the Leo’s workers plan to unionize:

How will unionizing affect PROPERTY VALUES and LOUD PARTIES off-campus?? Let’s make SIGNS ABOUT IT.

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