1789 chef nominated as “People’s Best New Chef of 2011″

As part of an annual contest put on by Food & Wine magazine, Chef Daniel Giusti of 1789 Restaurant was nominated last week as a candidate for the title of The People’s Best New Chef of 2011.

Put on every spring for more than 20 years, the competition honors “exceptionally talented men and women who are pushing culinary boundaries in America.”

Giusti was among 10 chefs nominated from the mid-Atlantic region, and 90 more nominated from restaurants across the country.

As the contest’s name suggests, the winner will be determined by a nationwide poll.  Food & Wine encourages the public to vote online for one of these 100 chefs before Tuesday, March 1, but they request that participants only vote for chefs whose restaurants they have visited, to maintain the award’s meaning.

Giusti got his start at the age of 15 as a prep cook at Clyde’s, and has since worked in such varied locations as Las Vegas, New York City, and Piedmont, Italy.  As 1789 Restaurant’s Executive Chef since 2008, Giusti has been praised for his youthful, American additions to the menu.  In his interview with Food & Wine, Giusti particularly recommended his crispy terrine with lentils, bacon, and celery hearts – though you might want to wait until your parents are in town to check it out.

h/t: The Georgetown Dish

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