Anti-Campus Plan lawn signs burned in Burleith

Lawn signs burned in BurleithThe Georgetown Dish is reporting that Burleith residents’ anti-Campus Plan lawn signs were burned and left on one resident’s front steps during the three-day weekend.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the signs were removed from the front lawns of at least two houses and burned between 11 p.m. on Sunday and 8 a.m. on Monday. Despite an open investigation, no witnesses have been identified.

“We’ve had signs disappear and vandalized, but we’ve never had signs that were burned,” Burleith Citizens’ Association President Lenore Rubino told the Dish. “There are legitimate ways for people to express their opinions, but when you have burning of the signs it takes it to another level.”

Since last June, Burleith and Georgetown residents have displayed the signs, which read “OPPOSE GU’s Campus Plan” and “Our Homes Not GU’s Dorm” to express their frustration with the University’s 2010 Campus Plan.

“The symbolism of burning something on someone’s front lawn is not to be lost,” Rubino told the Dish. “It’s intimidation and it’s meant to incite fear.”

Not much has changed since the University filed its plan in late December. While the Georgetown-area Advisory Neighborhood Commission will present its recommendations next Monday, the D.C. Board of Planning has yet to file its report with the D.C. Zoning Commission, which will ultimately approve or deny the plan.

Photo: Georgetown Dish

20 Comments on “Anti-Campus Plan lawn signs burned in Burleith

  1. At least if they were busy burning signs, they weren’t doing anything illegal, like making noise after 10 pm.

  2. Great, another reason for the neighbors to draw broad conclusions about all of us thanks to the idiocy of a few. Classy, Georgetown.

  3. Well that was dumb. If there is one thing I learned during my time here at Georgetown it’s that you need to be sneakier about intimidating others. For example students should post their own “Our Neighbors are Crazy” signs everywhere, or pass a law where our neighbors can be sent to prison for 90 days something inane, or throw a fuss when they want to remodel their kitchen and explain to the ANC how it will lead to the destruction of the community, or blame everything wrong with the community on the residents, or force the group that the residents are a part of make them sign a sheet saying they will be a good neighbor, or call the police on them every time you think they’re smiling too brightly, and then spend untold hundreds of thousands on lawyers to cover yourself.


  4. I think it’s a coin toss whether a neighbor did this just to stir up attention. Things have been quiet lately. They need to keep justifying their existence, after all.

  5. This was a really dumb thing to do. Thanks, some kid.
    Still I would like to call attention to Lenore’s response….

    “‘The symbolism of burning something on someone’s front lawn is not to be lost,’ Rubino told the Dish.”

    Not to go all Godwin’s law on this post, but you’re not comparing yourself to black (and Jewish and Catholic) families who suffered *real* intimidation from the KKK in the 1950s and 60s, are you Lenore? Because it really, really sounds like you are. And the people behind those threats actually meant them (and did them) harm. Us? We’re just going to eat pizza on your curb.

    Sooo… That’s not really a very respectful implication.

  6. No one was hurt at least, and yes it was a stupid thing to do. Having said that, I find myself amused at this whole situation. The neighbors put up these ridiculous signs, and then someone dumb burns them. Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor.

  7. The timing of this is fairly suspicious as well. Those signs have been up for 6 months, but someone burns one on the weekend before Campus Plan goes to a vote?

  8. This is clearly a neighbor doing it try to paint college students as criminals and justify their ridiculous demands….

  9. “Meant to incite fear”…

    COME ON man how absurd is that, listen to yourself. As if some GU students are committing acts of terrorism because of some stupid housing zoning plan that won’t go into effect until long after they are gone. It was clearly either 1) the neighbor himself or 2) idiot drunken students who thought it would be funny. Taking this is some kind of sign of intimidation is representative of the kind of alarmism that has destroyed AMURKA

  10. Sweatshirt lettering of the person who is decrying the effect of Georgetown students on the historic community of Georgetown: New York.
    Sweatshirt lettering of the student who is being screwed over by Burleith landlords: Georgetown.

    Who has deeper roots in the community again?

  11. Length of time the average student will spend living off-campus at GU: .85 years.
    Length of time the average resident will spend living near Georgetown’s campus: 10-15 years.

    Who has deeper roots in the community again?

  12. Pls don’t burn those signs! They’re collectors’ items and will someday be worth millions online. Until then, I need them to decorate my on-campus apartment.

  13. Maybe if burleithers spent less time trolling student blogs and more time working, they could afford to move into West Georgetown.

  14. And maybe if you spent more time studying and less time partying, you’d be able to find a job after graduation.

  15. I think the students should try to “kill” the neighbors with kindness. I propose we all put large signs on our front lawns with red letters saying something to the effect of “THANK YOU for the nice welcome to the neighborhood”. Other tactics might include leaving a steaming pile of… cookies on their front steps. If we have to resort to straight up trespassing and vandalism, why not simply tack on a “PR” in front of the “OPPOSE GU’S CAMPUS PLAN” sign. They’d really hate that.

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