How do you want your GUSA to smell?

GUSA presidential hopeful Ace Factor (COL ’12) recently produced another campaign ad, this time playing off of the popular Old Spice ads.

Is Ace what you want your GUSA to smell like?

8 Comments on “How do you want your GUSA to smell?

  1. I believe mr Factor is COL ’12. also, i tots want my gusa to smell like him. yummy……

  2. Can I have my 51 seconds back? I hope they got money from old spice for that. Just because you’re parodying an ad doesn’t mean you need to actually mention the product.


  3. Also, I’ve always thought Ace Factor would make a good deodorant name.


  4. Wow! Free CANDY for voting this ticket? Feiman/Sims offers humor and serious ideas! (The narrator definitely deserves a job on a major radio station!)

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