GUSA straw poll results: Students love Feiman-Sims

The results are in — Jed Feiman (COL ’12) and Henry Sims (COL ’12) won our GUSA election straw poll with a shade more than 33 percent of the vote.

Trailing a bit less than 10 points back are Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12), with the Ace Factor (COL ’12) / James Pickens (COL ’12) and Charles Joyce (COL ’12) / Paige Lovejoy (SFS ’12) tickets almost 20 points behind.

However, don’t assume Feiman-Sims is a shoo-in just yet. Although we’re awfully proud of the 755 votes in our poll, last year’s GUSA election drew more than 3,100 votes. (And more than 2,600 votes were cast in the election before that.) Plus, the instant-runoff voting system that’ll be used on Thursday means that a plurality doesn’t guarantee a win — but nonetheless, it’s a sign of strong support for Feiman-Sims.

24 Comments on “GUSA straw poll results: Students love Feiman-Sims

  1. 1. Feinman-Sims
    2. Joyce-Lovejoy

    God I hope one of those two tickets wins. I’m sure the Stewards will deliver a victory for Meaney-Laverriere somehow though.

  2. I heard that if Feiman and Sims win, they are going to resign and say it was all to get a rise out of everyone.

    Truth or fiction? Jed? Henry?

  3. While Jed and Henry bring some good ideas to the table, those of you who are ignoring the other tickets do so at your own peril. It may be fun to rag on GUSA, but thumbing your nose at these students who have dedicated their entire student careers to trying to make Georgetown a better and more livable place is pretty glib. Yeah, it’s funny that a basketball player is running for Vice President, but Mike Meaney and Charlie Joyce dedicated two years to Calen and Jason’s extremely successful executive, Greg Laverriere has spent two years trying to make club funding a more rational process, and Ace Factor served in the Senate because he cared about improving student life at Georgetown.

    GUSA isn’t a perfect institution (an example of a perfect institution can’t be found at Georgetown), but it’s an institution that has produced real results for students over the past couple of years. I would encourage students to be respectful of that, and make sure they know why they’re voting before they vote.

  4. It’s laughable to assume that spending a “career” in GUSA is the only way to make Georgetown a better and more livable place. Besides, J&H are running to fix it, not to dismantle it

  5. It’s laughable that all Jed and Henry are doing is “running,” GUSA is about governing! (It’s easy to quote individual words out of context and not address the person’s point.)

  6. Well, on the plus side, I think a lot more people who would not normally vote in a GUSA election will vote this time just because Sims is on the ticket. And if Feiman-Sims do end up winning, hopefully the other candidates will either join them in the Exec or in the Senate to enact the excellent campaign promises they pledged, while Feiman can work on eliminating landline fees, misunderstanding how the Endowment commission works (it’s six months to come up with solutions on how to spend the money, not actually spend the money in six months) and failing to get WiFi routers in the dorms. And Sims can play basketball, and perhaps if there’s some free time in between that and class, attend a meeting or two over the course of the year.

  7. Oh God. What an embarrassment if Jed and Henry win. What a horrible, horrible joke. God speed to Mike/Ace/Charlie

  8. I’ve got to say, this has been one of the more interesting election seasons in recent memory. Although Feiman-Sims is clearly the ticket to beat, there’s the continual questions of whether they actually plan to govern (as opposed to drop out in the next 24 hours/resign if elected/pull a Sinn Fein abstentionist route). And there’s no clear sense of where the remaining 3 tickets will shake out. The Hoya endorsed the ticket that came in last here. I don’t think anyone has a confident prediction of what GUSA is going to look like next year.

  9. There is NO WAY that Feiman/Sims will resign if elected. Their candidacy is NOT a joke and they plan to work very hard, if elected, with the other candidates to make Georgetown a better place for everyone. They will welcome input from anyone and everyone! Vote Feiman/Sims, not as a joke but to improve, for the better, many things at GU!

  10. Like @RM said, Feiman/Sims are definitely serious about their candidacy. These guys have a great sense of humor, but they are also campus leaders in their own right. Jed is currently Vice-President of the College Academic Council and a director of Improv, while Henry is a leader on the bball court. Their candidacy is about bringing together the campus and getting people excited about GUSA. Though they aren’t GUSA insiders, these guys are leaders and represent our campus diversity. Vote Feiman/Sims!

  11. Why should we trust anonymous Vox commenters to assuage our fears? How about a statement from Jed and Henry to set this issue aside? I doubt we will see that.

  12. What “fears” are ” typical says” referring to? Feiman and Sims have been completely open and honest about what they hope to accomplish. Anyone with “fears” should go to student health and get help. A little paranoia here, folks.

  13. @LK — Concerns about whether Sims will actually be able to do his job effectively with being on the basketball team and having a full schedule of classes. As Calen or Jason or anyone else who has worked in the GUSA Exec can tell you, working for students is a full-time job. We’re talking about devoting 20-40 hours per week — meeting with administrators, meeting with students, formulating policy, responding to concerns, pushing for change, communicating to the student body, overseeing the budget summit distributing ~$1,000,000, working/negotiating with the Senate . . . the list goes on.

    I think it’s a legitimate concern and one which (to my knowledge), neither Jed Feiman nor Sims himself has addressed.

  14. 20-40 hours per week? Meetings and policy? Do you know how many athletes have full time jobs even while they’re in season? Go home and find something to do that’s worth waking up for.

  15. Do you know how many basketball players don’t even do their schoolwork during the basketball season? I can’t imagine one being VP. Nothing personal to him, but it’s just that it is time-consuming and I think experience is more important than the Sarah Palin “outsider” factor.

  16. I certainly don’t know how (m)any athletes have full time jobs even while they’re in season. Do you know of anyone on the basketball team who does, or is this just an unfounded assertion? According to an NCAA survey on college sports, Division I basketball took up on average 39.2 hours per week I have no idea how you could cram in classes, school work and a 40 hour job on top of that, amounting to some 100 hours per week — you’d literally be working more hours than partners at top law firms.

    So, again, I think it’s fair to ask — does Sims have the time for this? Sims is running for a position that, to do well, requires putting in a lot of effort. So far I haven’t heard bupkis from the campaign on this really pressing issue. It’s a concern that Jed or Sims could easily assuage by writing a comment (like Paige Lovejoy and other candidates have) or putting something on their website.

    Their silence speaks volumes.

  17. I think Sims should stick to what he does best, making our basketball team great. With Wright basically down for the count, we need all the players to be at their peak and fully focused on the game.

    Meaney-Laverriere are nice enough guys but I think their proposed programs don’t do enough to help the average student with stuff we need right now. Farmer’s market? GUTS buses (that take people off campus, when the focus should be keeping them on and making campus a better place to be)? The collegiate leadership program sounds elitist and competitive, causing more performance anxiety to already overloaded students. It’s a bit like pork-barrel spending, right? And isn’t that a bad thing?

    The Joyce-Lovejoy proposals seem necessary, reasonable and actionable. I’d love to know what floor is least crowded so I don’t have to try so hard to drown out the senseless chatter that infests Lau on a nightly basis. It’d be great to involve the community and neighbors in some of our art exhibitions and performances (and maybe get some neighborly donations or make connections). And we PAY for DPS to be available to protect us, so our GUSA leaders should have enforcing that responsibility at the forefront of their platforms, especially when so many people are assaulted within arm’s reach of our dorms and houses. This is all stuff we need, right now, that would benefit every student on campus almost immediately.

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