Nate Lubick reprises role as “Most Interesting Man at Georgetown”

Nate Lubick is still very, very interesting in Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere’s (COL ’12) new campaign video.

Our question is, who’s doing this voiceover?

9 Comments on “Nate Lubick reprises role as “Most Interesting Man at Georgetown”

  1. From my close analysis of seconds 44-48, I believe Greg will actually be running the show. He turned his head first. With his standard smarmy look.

  2. Jimmy Dailey did the voice over.

    @Dan: is that why it has almost 5,400 views?

  3. Did he actually reprise? This seems to be the exact same language from the first (on Lubick’s part anyways).

  4. Nate can have the title of most interesting man at Georgetown, but he’ll never be the most interesting man in Alberta. That’s my title. Who else can gargle maple syrup while singing “This is How You Remind Me” (it was the Japan release, in the original I just have a hockey puck in my mouth)? Does Nate have my killer abs or my legions of crazed fans? Has Nate won multiple Juno Awards? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m jealous that he’s been declared the most interesting man at Georgetown by people even douchier than me. I’m just laying out all the options. And coach lets me shoot a three anytime I want.


    PS ReCaptcha is getting too ridiculous. t square root b close parenthesis? I’m just going to put hoser for that one.

  5. It’s pity he can’t play basketball as well as he can make these videos…

  6. If Lubick is the most interesting man at Georgetown and therefore the star of this video, it kinda makes Mike and Greg the least interesting men at Georgetown. Come on guys, couldn’t you have found some way to involve yourselves a little more? Maybe they thought if they didn’t open their mouths, they wouldn’t scare people off. Yikes.

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